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LIT 102A: The Sadness Collector

by: Ida Urian & Zia Mojica, 1 OT B :)

Mystery mjc

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of LIT 102A: The Sadness Collector

Rica is on the bed waiting for the BIG LADY to come. part 2 PART 1 PART 3 PERSONAL
INTERPRETATION SUMMARY FATHER The sadness collector THE SADNESS COLLECTOR'S The Sadness Collector by: Merlinda Bobis It starts with.. The Sadness Collector rica the big lady comes at night & eats off the sadness in every pot, pan & cutlery. •Grew up in Albay, Philippines
•Her main interest was painting, but at age ten she began writing poetry because ‘painting with words’ was cheaper
•She is also a dancer and visual artist
•She has a Bachelor of Arts (Summa cum Laude) from Aquinas University of Legazpi
•Also, had a Master of Arts in Literature (Meritissimus) from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila
•She completed a Doctorate of Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong
•Currently, she lives in Wollongong - Fish-Hair Woman (novel)
- The Solemn Lantern Maker (novel)
- Banana Heart Summer (novel)
- White Turtle (collection of short stories)
- A Novel-in-Waiting (lecture series)
- Pag-uli, Pag-uwi, Homecoming (trilingual poetry collection)
- Summer Was A fast Train Without Terminals (poetry collection)
- Cantata of the Warrior Woman Daragang Magayon / Kantada ng Babaing Mandirigma Daragang Magayon (bilingual epic poem for performance)
- ang lipad ay awit sa apat na hangin / flight is song on four - winds (bilingual poetry collection)
- Rituals (poetry collection) Works: > Ian Reed Foundation Prize for Radio Drama (1995)
> Awgie for Best Radio Play (1998)
> Pamana Philippine Presidential Award (1998)
> International Prix Italia (1998)
> Steele Rudd Award for the Best Collection of Australian Short Stories (2000)
> Philippine National Book Award (2000)
> NSW Ministry for the Arts Writers’ Fellowship for novel in progress (2000)
> Judges’ Choice Award, Bumbershoot Bookfair, Seattle Arts Festival (2001)
> Gintong Aklat Award (Golden Book Award, Philippines) (2006)
> Gawad Pambansang Alagad ni Balagtas (National Balagtas Award: a lifetime award for author’s poetry and prose in English, Pilipino, Bikol) (2006) AWARDS: THEME DIASPORA DISLOCATION DISPLACEMENT the big lady She's been a "GOOD GIRL" she wonders if the BIG LADY is really there.. Letters & Postcards Big lady saves Rica from sadness Rica saves Big lady from bursting the big lady is sad, like her meals. rica drew her with pretty baubles & make-up, with a paris ribbon and a chic hat flies like a GIANT CLOUD. ANGRY, HUNGRY,
TURNING THE PLACE UPSIDE DOWN. THIS "FEAST" WILL LAST A LIFETIME. Comes home late, drunk every night. tells Rica about the Big Lady. PARIS. His wife becomming
"LEGAL" factory worker. "SHUT-UP!!" 1.)What was the work of the Rica’s Mother?
2.)Where did Rica’s Mother decided to work?
3.)What was the name of the main character in the story that her father told her?
4.)To what did the author compared the term “salty”?
5.)Who is the author of the selection? QUIZ: GAME: S A D N E S S
Zia Mojica 1 OT B :) - FIN. "SALTY" FOOD
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