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What is Avatar's genre?

No description

Fern Loughran

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of What is Avatar's genre?

What is Avatar's genre?
What genre is Avatar?
Avatar could fall into any of these genres:

Science Fiction

This makes it a hybrid genre.
Hybrid genre
The hybrid genre in the film industry refers to the aspect of blending several movie genres into one film.
But is being a hybrid genre good or bad?
The Guardian
- I can't in all honesty say it pulls it off - it's baggy, longwinded and, for all the light-speed imagery, just not quick on its feet.
Review on Avatar
Science Fiction
Another problem with critics on Avatar is why Jake Sulley betrayed his own race if he is meant to be a hero? Cameron went against the typical expectations of an action film.
But Avatar being a hybrid genre allowed Cameron to take the chance and use the technology and make Avatar a game-changer.
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