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My IPS Education

No description

Marcia Parada

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of My IPS Education

My IPS Education Policy Tools Practical
Experience Entrepreneurship & Design Topics in
Policy Conferences &
Speakers Microeconomics Statistical Inference Econometrics Research Design Cost-Benefit Analysis Politics & Collective Action Organizations Judgment &
Decision Making Social Psychology & Public Policy Colloquium Speaker Series South Asia Policy Mgmt Practices in
Europe, US and
Emerging Markets Managing Global
Complexity Global Project Finance Development Economics International
Macroeconomics International Trade International
Action Formation of
New Ventures Creativity and
Innovation Practicum: Evaluating Access
to Finance Constraints for
Micro, Small & Medium
Enterprises in India Summer Internship:
Development Bank China Study Trip Economics Kenneth Arrow Muhammad Yunnus Pascal Lamy Condoleeza Rice Lakhdar Brahimi Angela Merkel Pervez Musharaff Carlos Pacual John Hennessy Jose Maria Asnar Joseph Stiglitz Charles Perrow International Policy Studies
at Stanford!

Jeff Strnad- taught me my econometrics.

"Chi-squared is your best friend." - A la Lee Ross Style... John Bolton Paul Romer Ashraf Gani Rakesh Mohan
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