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Management Project Software - Basecamp

No description

Cynthia Deng

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Management Project Software - Basecamp

Basecamp is more organized and straightforward.
The to-do list feature makes it easy to distribute tasks among members.
Simple to share files and text documents within the group.
It is easier to share any information to others.
Discussion board gets rid of unnecessary email threads.
The commenting feature allows easy communication.

Basecamp makes it easy to add discussions open for questions, thoughts, concerns, and ultimately anything you need to notify your team members with! This feature helps teams stay organized and up-to-date with one another while supporting feedback and miscellaneous ideas.
Simply click on Discussion followed by 'Post a new messasge' and voila! You've created a dicussion for your team to easily interact with one another
You can choose to notify your team members of a new discussion with an email so no one misses a beat!
Uploading Files
in Basecamp
From the files area of your project, click the "Upload files" button. The size limit for a single upload is 10GB.
Drag and drop a file from your computer into the browser. Or use the "Select files" link. However, dragging and dropping is not supported in internet explorer.
Once you've chosen your files, click the green "Upload" button. If you accidentally upload an incorrect file all you have to do is delete it.
You can also attach files to comments and messages.
The "Edit" link on a stand-alone file will let you update the privacy setting to hide the file from the client on the project. It won't let you edit the file contents, though.
Also to upload a file; you can simply click on a task in the 'to-do-list', then in the 'discuss this to-do' click in the box that says - 'Add a comment or upload a file ...' this opens a dialog box with easy to use instructions for uploading a file.

Attaching Google Doc Files
First off to access a google doc file from basecamp, you must have permission to view it. Permissions are set in your google account.

Set up:
In the file upload menu, click "Google Docs".
You'll see a menu that lets you connect to a Google account.
Sign into your account, and authorize Basecamp's access. You'll need to authorize access if you use a new browser, or a different computer, if you switch Google accounts, or if you sign out of Google.
You can also attach files to comments and messages.
The "Edit" link on a stand-alone file will let you update the privacy setting to hide the file from the client on the project. It won't let you edit the file contents, though.

Updating Files
Attaching Google Doc Files to Basecamp Instructions:

Once that's set up, you'll see a menu with all your Google Docs. You'll only be able to attach Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, and Drawings to a Basecamp project. Other files added to your Google Drive won't be visible.
Google Docs work just like other files. You can add them to discussions, comments, or attach them on their own. They can be part of active projects and templates. Delete a file if you don't need it anymore. Deleting Google Docs from Basecamp doesn't remove the file from your Google Drive account. Google Docs don't count against your Basecamp storage limit.

General Features
Lists all projects clearly on the homepage
Can easily add new projects
Has tabs on the top screen stating Projects, Calendar, Everything, Progress, Everyone, Me
Calendar tab keeps track of all events/plans/due dates
Progress tabs is a timeline of what was accomplished for the project
shows all members in the project and their assigned tasks
can easily invite people to join project

Pros/Cons compared to GoogleDocs
Pros/Cons compared to GoogleDocs con't
GoogleDocs has a live chat feature, while Basecamp only has the Discussion board. You must sign up for Campfire for live chat, which has a fee.
Basecamp has a monthly fee, while other services do not.
Although Basecamp is really simple to use, Asana is even simpler with shortcuts and a more laid out layout.
Basecamp is an easy to use and essential application that allows you to edit and manage text documents with you and your group. Whether you want to collaborate on a blog together, take notes together, work on a project together, or brainstorm ideas together. Basecamp is also available on the go on any mobile or tablet application.
1. First start by starting a new text document or edit an existing one by going to the desktop and click “Text Document”.
2. Start writing! Use full advantage of their text document collaboration. You and your group can have access to edit and work on any project together at the convenience of this application. Basecamp lets you know when someone is writing and when you are safe to start writing.
3. Remember to save your changes by clicking on “Save this document”. Basecamp will let you know who in the group made the last revisions and when.
4. There is a history section all the way on the bottom of the page and you can click “By-the-minute history for this document” to view what changed or restore to an earlier version of your text document.
5. Lastly, you can add comments or share a file on top of your text document to your team on the bottom of the page where it says “Add a comment or upload a file”. An excellent way to be able to communicate with your team through your project.
6. Also, if you are on the go, you can always access your text docs on any mobile or iPhone app by just downloading Basecamp App.

We chose to explore and utilize Basecamp and all of it's features. Basecamp made it easy for us to organize and communicate this group project. Here are some of Basecamp's main features
Unique Features
60 Days free trial
integrates with e-mail
runs on cloud
over 2 million projects have been completed
simple layout
easy to find features
Viewing Google Docs:

1. When you have permission to access a Doc, and you're signed into your Google account, you'll see a read-only preview of your Google Docs.
2. Need to make some edits? Click "Open on Google Drive".
3. If you're not signed in, click on the file icon, or click "Sign into Google".
4. If you need access to a Google Doc, click 'Request access'. Google will send an email to the Doc's creator, asking them to grant you permission.

Upload the original file like normal to the Files section. The revision of that file can be uploaded as a comment on that original file, along with any notes you want to add. This way, you always have the original file and the latest version is always in the most recent comment!
Taleen Yaghnam Angie Avery
Josh Paredes Angela Zeng
Salleina Yen Cynthia Deng
Team Grizzlies
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