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Margaret Garner

No description

Cassie Dippold

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Margaret Garner

Margaret Garner Early Life (1) On June 4, 1834 Margaret Garner was born into slavery. (2) Her mother was an enslaved woman named Priscilla. Since she was born mulatto, Margaret's father is believed to be the plantation owner, John P. Gaines. (3) Personal Life Margaret married Robert Garner in 1849. Robert was a slave on a nearby plantation. (2) She had four children with Robert. It is believed the two year old, Mary, was the slave owners; Archibald's, because of her "rare beauty". She was mulatto, almost white. (4) Escape. (5) On January 27, 1856, Margaret and her family, along with sixteen other slaves, escaped across the frozen Ohio River. They separated when they got across. The other fugitives headed straight to Canada. However, Margaret and her family went to a free black man's house. He was named Mr. Kite. (6) (6) (Margaret and her family escape across the frozen Ohio River.) (Margaret Garner.) (6) This was a mistake... (6) Murder. (6) (7) (Margaret murders her own daughter.) They were caught. Mr. Kite's home was surrounded by police officers and slave masters. Her husband (Robert) and the others tried to fend them off. Robert even shot a police officer in the shoulder; wounding him severely. While all of the chaos was going on, Margaret, in an act of desperation, grabbed a butcher knife and slit her two year old daughter's throat (Mary), nearly decapitating her. They were captured and put in jail where Margaret would be tried for murder. (5) (5) (5) (5) Slave. Loving Mother. Murderer. (5) Trial. The trial lasted two weeks. It became one of the longest fugitive trials in history. (2) Since Margaret was a slave she was not considered a person, but an item. She was denied freedom and execution. She was sold South once more. Her lawyer argued that Margaret and her children should be aloud freedom, however... (2) (2) The Henry Lewis. Margaret Garner and her nine month old daughter boarded a ship to be sold south. The ship was called the Henry Lewis. On March 11, the Henry Lewis hit another steamboat. The collision threw Margaret and her daughter overboard. Margaret displayed happiness when she found out her daughter drowned. She would not have to endure slavery. (8) (9) (9) (9) Death. There is not much reported of Margaret after the steamboat crash. She died in 1858 of typhoid fever. Her husband reported Margaret's last words were;
"never marry once more in slavery, but to reside in hope of freedom." -Margaret Garner. (9) (9) (9) (6) (6) (6) (4) (5) (5) (5) (The Henry Lewis.) (6) Work Cited 1) Admin. "Garner, Margaret." http://dickinson.edu Dickinson College. 25 September, 2007.web. 3 December, 2012. 2) Nichols, Casey. "Margaret Garner Incident (1856)" http://blackpast.org University of Washington. 25 November,2007.web. December 3, 2012 3) Levinson, Ian. "Margaret Garner-Drastic Fugitive." http://wikispaces.com Tangient LLC. 12 September, 2008.web. December 4, 2012. 4) Reinhardt, Mark. "Who Speaks for Margaret Garner? Slavery, Silence, and the politics of ventriloquism. Critical Essay." http://highbeam.com Cengage Learning. 22 September 2002.web. December 4, 2012. 5) Rutledge, Mike. "Slave Chose Death For Child." http://cincinnati.com Gannett. 20 February, 2012.web. December 4, 2012. 6) Muckley, Peter. "To Garner Stories: A Note On Margaret and Sethe In and Out of History, and Toni Morrison's Beloved." http://luminarium.org Luminarium. 19 September, 2002.web. December 4, 2012. 7) Lime, Berry. "A&P 1/25/2010." http://studyblue.com StudyBlue Inc. 25 January, 2011.web. December 5, 2012. 8) Admin. "Sinking of the Steamboat Brilliant Henry Lewis." http://wikimedia.org Wikimedia. 25 June, 2012.web. December 7, 2012. 9) Claussen, Calvin. "Biography Margaret Garner: The Modern Medea." http://fivestararticles.com Article Dashboard. 26 March, 2009.web. December 7, 2012. She proceeded to try and kill the other children and herself, but was restrained before she could do so. (5) THE END! (10) 10) Charavskiy, Anna. "Margaret Garner." http://youtube.com Youtube. 20 February, 2012.web December 16, 2012. Margaret lived, but her daughter drowned. (9) By: Cassie Dippold
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