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Chapter 14 - Organizational Effectiveness

No description

Bruce Lund

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 14 - Organizational Effectiveness

Organization Effectiveness Terry Porter
Organization Effectiveness the extent to which
organiational goals
can be attained Organization Efficiency Cost/Benefit ratio incurred in the pursuit of organizational goals Bruce Lund by Dunk Contest Spud Webb vs.
Dominique Wilkins Exhibit 14.1 Exhibit 14.2 Exhibit 14.3 approach has been proposed recently as a viable alternative to the goal and systems approaches for studying and measuring organizational effectiveness Multiple-Constituency Model Systems Resource Model focuses on inputs of the
organization Process Model focuses on the conversion
of inputs into acceptable
outputs Goals Model degree to which the
organization met its
goals Competing Values Approach focuses on the issues
surrounding organizational
effectiveness Internal vs. External Internal places emphasis on the well-being on the people in the organization External places emphasis on the organization itself Flexibility vs. Stability Flexibility puts an emphasis on being open to client demans and satisfying needs Stability puts an emphasis on centralized decision making to ensure greater control of their operations Means vs. Ends Means places emphasis on the process Extensive plannings to streamline its operations or install new equipment Ends puts emphasis on the outputs Goals, profits, or market share
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