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Hamlet Fever Chart

...Hamlet Fever Chart

Anthony Kalil

on 7 January 2011

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Transcript of Hamlet Fever Chart

Hamlet Not so crazy... Upon hearing the news that his uncle murdered his father, Hamlet adorns the air of a madman. We notice the difference in his demeanors mainly while contrasting his speech when he interacts with other characters and while soliloquizes. Sweet or Blazin'? It is my conclusion that while remaining completely sober, Hamlet convinces his peers of his insanity so that he may conceal his attempts to avenge his father's death. In order to track Hamlet's outward insanity, I have employed the use of the Buffalo Wild Wing Sauces. We begin with Act I. Here we see Hamlet for the first time. This is a good basis to compare him to for the rest of the play, because this is before he learns of the means of his father's death. Although we can tell that he is ridden with obvious grief, he is able to pull off a witty comment on his relationship with his uncle. Therefore, here, Hamlet is... SWEET BBQ Ah. The first soliloquy. As we watch Hamlet talk to himself, we notice that, again, he is struck with grief. He even goes so far as to consider suicide. We can assume that this is his natural state of being. However, even though he is super-depressed, he is still speaking relatively sanely. And so, I award Hamlet another... A little more heated, wouldn't you say? As we watch the pace quicken, I think it's safe to say that Hammy's going up on the wacko-meter. (You would, too, if your dead dad showed up in a suit of armor and took you to a foggy forest...) MILD I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is a bit more... well, more. Pulling a sword on your friends in order to follow a ghost? That deserves a... SPICY GARLIC At long last, we see Hamlet's first direct attempt to cover the news the ghost told him. Understanding that his situation is dire, he aims to disguise his new mission with an "antic disposition". HONEY BBQ Onwards to Act II. Here, Hamlet is shown to have scared Ophelia by just coming to talk to her. Although we didn't see it, we can assume he is probably... This is one of the most obvious examples of his outward insanity. He acts like this in order to confuse Polonius. CARIBBEAN
JERK Hamlet is depressed. However, he seems to trust his friends as he does not act crazy around them. We see Hamlet alone, here. He is... visibly upset. He seems to be truly bothered by his circumstances. Although this is not an instance of him pretending tgo be insane, we can still rank it as... HOT Hamlet plots against his uncle, but, at the same time, keeps his head. Here, he is... TERIYAKI Act III Hamlet again weighs his options. The effort put forth to organze his thoughts earns him... Public. Loud. Crazy. WILD Hamlet again makes a judgement call that requires his sanity. However, due to the nature of his decision, he is ranked... ASIAN
ZING Here, Hamlet gives another example
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