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Euthanasia: UPDATE


Emily Allen Allen

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Euthanasia: UPDATE

Lists? Court Cases Controversies Organizations add footnotes* ? * Footnotes are not needed! Just place comments and references inline - it really helps. Your eyes don't need to jump around! Religious and Moral Images History October 2000--Pain Relief Promotion Act
August 2006--Assisited Suicide Prevention Act
July 1998--Anti-Assisted Suicide Act state laws So you can make
Endless lists
Of important points
That look alike
And are smaller than the title
And so on...
You know what we mean...
But using frames
You can zoom to focus on specific lines Yeah we do have bullet points Diagrams Import your diagram as an Image (or preferred as PDF or SWF), then just add frames and create a path to show its various parts. Slides... You can leave the path any time, zoom out, show something related, respond to a comment
- and return to your path by simply clicking next! ... are history. Add a path to your Prezi to create the main narrative. Or click on another Path element to continue from there Compassion and Choices Organization An easy way to express yourself is to play with text layout. offer great narratives! Team Opinion Leader Goals Risks slippery
no colors strong
never look into the camera leads the crowd
never listens beyond imagination
lack of it creates depression
so should not be reachable .............90............................................97.................00........................................06........................10 Cruzen v. Missippi Dept. of Health Vacco v. Quill Gorzales v. Oregon Question if euthanasia was a violation of the Controlled Substance Act
CSA passed to prevent doctors selling illegal drugs
So your audience can focus too, and see the important details Arguments O W e 0 : . . ) w w That's All Folks! Quiz: How was this pig made?
Hint: It's only Prezi, no Clipart. Death with Dignity Act passed in Oregon, Washington and Montana
Illegal in all other 47 states
One more thing... One more thing....if you want a strong finale, a large zoom out effect at the end is one solution. Then you can reveal that this whole time we were moving around inside a car, television, or the mind of Porky Pig! Euthanasia Created living wills
Protected under Due Process Clause Argument if Euthanasia violated 14th Amendment
Ban had a ligitimate intrest in protecting medical ethics Washington v. Glucksberg Challanged the law for Euthanasia being a criminal offence
Becoming a Political Issue Since the Anti-Euthaasia Act was passed in 1820, Euthanasia has always been a political topic Doctors Oath Laws Legal in Oregon, Washington, and Montana
Seven states prohibiting assisted suicide under common law
Four states and Washington D.C. have no specific law and don't recognize Dr. assisted suicide under common law
Thirty six states have specific laws prohibiting all assisted suicides Hemlock Society USA Euthanasia Research and Guidence Organization Society for the Right to Die Position All organizations are for Euthanasia Fundemental Freedom Patient can be put out of pain Die with dignity Reduced health care costs Doctors have more free time to work on others Violation of freedom on religion Grief on family members reduced Vital organs can be saved Media
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