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The ideal school

No description

Andrea Cairó Ainaga

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of The ideal school

5B THE IDEAL SCHOOL 1. Timetable
2. Time organitation
3. Extracurricular
4. Subjects
5. Curriculum
6. Location
7. Students
8. Backgrounds
9. Installations
10. Facilities INDEX 1. TIMETABLE Classes 2. Time organization Accessible by public transport and school bus. 6.Location Solar energy 11. Builgins Workshop 17. Methods 11. Buildings
12. ICT
13. Number of students 14. Size
15. Ideology
16. Ethos
17. Methods
18. Valves
19. Finance
20. School service
21. School community 50min Break 10min 3.Extra-curricular Remedial classes of languages Theater Sports 4.Subjects Theorical classes Catalan, Spanish, English, art, science, maths and physical education. Practical classes Cooking, gardening, sewing, IT 5.Curriculum basic skills Audiovisual language and communication.
Cultural and artistic.
Processing information and digital competence.
Learning to learn.
Autonomy and personal initiative.
Knowledge and interaction with the physical world.
Social and civic. Is in the suburbs with access to forest. 7.Students We accept students of all levels and we adapt to your needs. 8.Backgrounds State Money + Money raised by the school 9.Installations Gym Pool Grove Art class ICT room Music room Laboratory Library Room school Nursing Audiovisual room Multisensory room Psychomotor room Theatre Playgrounds 10. Facilities Air aconditioning Heating Recycling Rainwater recovering for irrigation Composting 12. ICT 13. Number of students Twelve students in class 15. Ideology Secular Inclusive 16.Games Montessori's materials 18.Valves 19.Finance School is financed by public money
20. School service Reception class School bus
Nursing Dining
Thank You for Your attention!
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