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What is assessment for learning?

No description

Michelle Bambawale

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of What is assessment for learning?

what is assessment for learning?
What is learning?
What are the norms for our learning community?
What is a learning community?
Mutual professional respect
an open questioning attitude
One person speaks at a time
Three types of learning:

learning as being taught (a positivist approach)

learning as an individual making sense of the knowledge (constructionist)

learning by building knowledge through doing things with others. This is described as
social constructivism
. It recognizes that all human behaviour has a social dimension and that knowledge is constructed socially rather than individually
Watkins, 2005
What is pedagogy?
Dewey (1966) suggested that the learner had to engage and take an active role to make meaning.
Piaget and Vygotsky both proposed constructivist learning theories, where students actively engage in a group in order to make meaning of their learning together
Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development theory suggested that, in order to deepen understanding, we need support from a teacher or peers. This social process helped us to go beyond what we could understand on our own.
What is assessment?
Formative - Assessment for learning
Types of Assessment
Summative - Assessment of learning
Formative: Formal and informal processes that students use to gather evidence for the purpose of improving learning through descriptive feedback. (Black and William 1998)
Ideas for effective
assessment for learning

Students learn to self-assess and set goals

using assessment to inform next steps in teaching
teachers giving feedback
learning about students learning styles
students taking control of their own learning
students setting goals
Students clearly understand the learning outcomes
Students are shown model assessments of work on a continuum related to a rubric
Students receive regular detailed effective feedback
Students and teachers are always engaged in self-reflection
More Ideas ....
Assessment as Inquiry
Assessment as Measurement
ideas for
assessment for learning?
Types of Assessments
One moderator/facilitator
always learning
Lorrie A. Shepard , The Role of Assessment in a Learning Culture , Educational Researcher Oct., 2000
Lorrie A. Shepard , The Role of Assessment in a Learning Culture , Educational Researcher Oct., 2000
The Role of Assessment in a Learning Culture, Lorrie A. Shepard, Oct., 2000
The Role of Assessment in a Learning Culture, Lorrie A. Shepard, Oct., 2000
More Ideas Using Technology
E - portfolios for teacher & student reflection
Social Media including Facebook
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