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Social Assignment

Trading Post

Sarah Nowlan

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Social Assignment

By Sarah Nowlan The Trade 'R' Us Company The Three Posts
1. Nova Scotia Border
2. Alberta
3. St. Lawrence River Nova Scotia border because of the quick way to
deliver furs to Europe and that boats first stop

Right where boats arrive so tired and hungry
explorers can rest.
A lot of trading posts from the Hudson Bay
and North West company could be hard to get
more business. About The Post Name: Trade 'R' Us
Defense: Loaded cannons and guns
Resting Stops: 3 beds per room (3 rooms) Storage: Food in kitchen. Served twice a day. Goods kept in trading cabin.
Competition: Fort Horse, HBC, NWC, Fort Greenwood
Weather: Hot in summers and winter lasts six
Materials Available: Trees, cod, beaver and other
animals, and mining. Main Post More Reasons Why Nova Scotia border because...
1. Many First Nation Traders
2. On the border so its the First thing explorers see.
3. Explorers come here to find First Nations and teach them about Christianity. Example of what a person thought trading posts looked like: Main Fort Nova Scotia Border St. Lawrence River Border Alberta Conclusion Pros and Cons Pro:
Boats arrive at the border
One of the first things they see
There is a lot of other forts built there. Pros:
Boats sale in the St. Lawrence River
Not all sailors will sail there. Pros:
The buffalo attract First Nations
Not many Europeans come to Alberta I will make my main base on the Nova Scotia border.
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