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Project Therapy Dog

No description

Kasey Romito

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of Project Therapy Dog

"Touched by a Paw"
Kasey Romito
HNR 308-Insight and Impact
Community of Impact
A variety of facilities in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area that serve individuals who may benefit from a Therapy Dog Program, but that do not currently have a program in place.
Assistance Dog vs Therapy Dog
Therapy Dogs:
Assistance Dogs
3 Types:
1. Guide Dogs-assist individuals who are blind or visually impaired
2. Hearing Dogs-assist individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing
3. Service Dogs-assist individuals with any other type of disability (ex. epilepsy, diabetes, migraines, etc.)

*Eligible for public access rights under the American's with Disabilities Act
Assist the general public by contributing to the therapeutic process
-spreading cheer!
-being good listeners!
-being non-judgemental and offering unconditional love!
*NOT eligible for public access rights.
Good Manners
Therapy dogs must:
-behave when in the company of other dogs
-listen to their handlers
-allow strangers to touch them all over
-resist the urge to jump when interacting with people
-walk on a leash without pulling
-effortlessly tolerate strange noises or smells
-stay calm when someone pets them
-not be afraid of people who are walking unsteadily
-not startle when they hear a loud, abrupt noise
What is a Therapy Dog?
Even though Therapy Dogs are personal pets, they have to meet professional standards
Good Health
Therapy dogs also must be:
- at least one year of age
-clean and well groomed
-up to date on rabies vaccinations
-up to date on other inoculations required by state and/or local governments
-given an annual fecal exam (with a negative test result)
*In order to become a member of TDInc., each dog/handler team must pass:
-the handling portion of the test
-3 observations
What Type of Places do Therapy Dogs Often Visit?
School Shooting
Assisted Living Facility
Mental Health Facility
Disaster Relief
School (P-12)
Special Education Department
Natural Disaster
Terrorist Attack
Emergency Room
Outpatient testing/treatment
Rehabilitation Facility
Abuse Shelter
Homeless Shelter
My Inspiration
Albert Einstein
Training: Mike Dixon from Tri-state Canine Obedience
It’s strange in life how things, good and bad, seem to occur exactly when they are supposed to. Sometimes messages, circumstances, people, or even animals are drawn to us at a certain point in our lives; a point when we need them most, or when our hearts and minds are the most open to interpret their purpose.
Animal-Assisted Therapy
The best medicine
American Kennel Club "Canine Good Citizen"
TDInc. Certified Therapy Dog!
We Passed our performance test and observations!
"Doggie Stress Relief on the Plaza"
Sponsored by the English Department and supported by Facilities and Student Life

The Bookstore will have NKU handkerchiefs for all doggie visitors to wear! Also, psychologist Claire Dean will be passing out handouts about stress relief and self-care.
Monday, May 6

12:00-1:00 Good Buddies Canine Rescue (contact: Stephanie Havarkos)

Tuesday, May 7
12:00-2:30 Save the Animals Foundation (contact: Diane Parsons)

Wednesday, May 8
10:00-12:00 Certified Therapy Dogs with NKU Student, Kasey Romito

12:00-2:00 Doggie Meet & Greet
If you have a well-behaved, well-mannered pooch, stop by and let him/her make some doggie-friends.

6:00pm-8:00pm Certified Therapy Dogs with NKU Student, Kasey Romito

Thursday, May 9
12:00-2:00 Stray Animal Adoption Program (contact: Debbie Howard)

Friday, May 10
12:00-2:00 Certified Therapy Dogs with NKU student, Kasey Romito
Therapy Dog Tovah
Dae Grodin
NKU English professor: Kelly Moffett
Therapy Dog Gabbie
Laura Duckworth
Spencer Morgan with his Therapy Dog, Titus
Shannon Dunhoft and her Therapy Dog, Gracie
Therapy Dog, Jango
Laurie Delaney
Willie (in spirit)
Volunteers not pictured:
Michelle Stoup and Therapy Dog, Princess
Billie Smith, Executive Director of Therapy Dogs Incorporated
Potter, Tara M. E-mail Interview. 11 April 2013.
Ms. Potter is a Physical Therapist in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is also the owner of Certified Therapy Dog, Macy, and trained in the same class as Albert and I. Ms. Potter expressed that she would love to take Macy to work with her, but dogs are not permitted at the physical therapy practice where she works. I Inquired Ms. Potter's opinion about approaching local Physical/Occupational Therapy offices with a proposal to bring therapy dog to visit with patients and their families in the waiting room. As a Physical Therapist, she thinks that is a good idea.
William E. Durr Branch and Covington Branch
Modified to of the "Why have TDInc registered therapy dog forms"
Created and administered a survey to find out which times and locations work best for the group that I formed. (Only had 4 responses though)
I am now a sub for the William E. Durr Branch
Albert and I are volunteering at the Covington Branch on Sunday, May 5
I will try to further convince the administrators at the Covington branch to allow the other group members to volunteer
Albert passed his observations and became a certified Therapy Dog
Albert and I are on our way to spreading love, hope, and joy
Albert and I made Evelyn happier
Cleremont County Public Library*
Saint Rita School for the Deaf
Transitions Inc: Women's Residential Addiction Program
Transitions Inc: Men's Residential Addiction Program
Epilepsy foundation of Greater Cincinnati, Inc.
Diocesan Catholic Children's Home
Children's Home of NKY
Arthritis Foundation
Family Nurturing Center
Catholic Charities
Silver Grove Christian Church
Silver Grove Independent Schools: Deppartment of Special Education
Holly Hill
Northern Kentucky University
A Step Ahead Pediatric Therapy
Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute*
NorthKey Community Care
Brighton Center
Boy Scout and/or Girl Scout troop
Crossroad Health Center
Crossroad Pediatrics West
The Women's Connection
Bridgewell Hospital of Cincinnati*
Facilities without Established Therapy Dog Programs
St. Charles, Ft. Wright was a suggestion by someone in the group
Facilities with Established Therapy Dog Programs
Kenton County Public Library*

Bridge Point

Health South

Ronald McDonald House

St. Elizabeth, Florence

Florence Park Nursing Home
Best Days are Saturday, Sundays, and Thursdays
There are six interested therapy dog teams from Albert's Class, but schedules, location, and facility preferences may cause slight problems
Continue Modifying TDInc documents
Schedule (group) visits at the Kenton County Library-Albert and I start May 5th
Schedule a Visit with the Ronald McDonald House
Propose your idea to OT/PT/ Doc Offices about waiting room therapy dog visits
Make "Doggie Stress Relief on the Plaza" an annual event
Research on ethical considerations of using Therapy Dogs/Animals
Research on physiological/psychological benefits of Therapy Dog visits
Career as an Animal-Assisted Therapist
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