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Cambell and Victoria

No description

lib hist

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Cambell and Victoria

Cambell, Victoria, and Tony
Jamestown, Virginia
Jamestown was founded by England with the help of the London Company on May 14th
On May 14 1607 ,around 40 miles up the James town river in Virginia, the colonist founded James town the very first successful English settlement in north America.
The lack of preparation cost the colonist their lives. Most of the men were adventurers with little to no farming experience or useful skills such as carpentry. Jamestown was surrounded by marshes full of disease caring organisms such as mosquitoes. When winter came over two thirds of the original colonist had died.
The first years
Jamestown became more successful under John Smith, who took control in 1608. With him in charge the colonist built a fort around the colony. He forced the colonist to work harder by rewarding them with food. By creating rules that rewarded people who worked hard they became a much better colony. They received help from the Powhatons with a agreement made by John Smith. The Natives taught the colonist how to grow corn. In 1609, 400 more settlers arrived. But when winter hit disease and famine came, by spring of 1610 only 60 colonist reminded. Jamestown was doomed, until John Rolfe discovered a new type of tobacco that sold in Europe very well.
John Smith
Tobacco was very valuable and often used as money. They had the Headright system which allowed colonist who paid there own way to America receive 50 acres of land. And for every colonist brought over they would receive another 50 acres of land. Plantations were very successful.
Many people had indentured servants, which were people who had signed a contract were they would work for the person who paid there way over to America. But not all labor was European, the had slaves brought in to work on the farms. And many colonists were going to turn to slave labor in the future of Virginia.
Why Settle Here ?
Reasons Founded
England wanted to make their empire become larger and more wealthier. Coming to the new world meant more money and land not for just England but for citizens as well.
Since the colonist were coming from England, the were apart of the Church of England which believed in Christian beliefs.
Jamestown was located with defense in mind. Enemy ships would have to pass through a narrow channel making it an easy target for the colonist cannons. Also the forest that surrounded Jamestown provided wood for building and fuel. The waters that are around the settlement provided fish for food. And with the tobacco selling well it is a very wealthy economy. And there are plenty of jobs that have to do with farming. It is the perfect to start your new life in America.
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