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Louis Pasteur

No description

Asal Lea Couret

on 19 September 2015

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Transcript of Louis Pasteur

Who was Louis Pasteur?
Louis Pasteur was a French chemist and microbiologist. He was born on December 27 1822 in Dole, France. He died on September 28 1895 in Paris, France.
Louis Pasteur's cures and inventions:
About his family:
How did he contribute to science and the world?
1) He invented Pasteurization
2) He created the Rabies Vaccine
3) He cured the Silkworm disease
Parents: Jeanne Etiennette Roqui, Jean-Joseph Pasteur
Married: Marie-Laurent
Kids: Jeanne, Jean- Baptiste, Marie-Louise, Cecile and Camille
Siblings: Emilie, Josephine, Virginie and Jean-Dinis
- A vaccine for rabies, chicken cholera, anthrax and small-pox
- He also cured silkworm diseases
-He created and tested vaccines for diphtheria, cholera, yellow- fever, plague and tuberculosis.
Here's a video about Louis Pasteur
What is Pasteurization?
Pasteurization is a process which stops food and liquid from spoiling.
Thank You for listening!
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