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The Northeast Region...

No description

Marium Khan

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of The Northeast Region...

Human Geography
Northeastern states (or regions) all share similarities, like a possible accent, for instance, like the kinds some New Yorkers have.
The Northeast Region
The Northeast has many famous landmarks....
The Northeast Region
Physical Geography
Examples of some key landforms are:

Niagara Falls
Lake Erie
Lake Ontario
The Atlantic Ocean
The Appalachian Mountains
The Hudson River
A Map of the Northeast Region
And Another....
And Another!!
The Statue of Liberty...So Beautiful.
Lake Erie...Very Serene.
The Appalachian Mountains....Gorgeous!!
These landforms and bodies of water
are important because they affect
business, trade, weather,
But clothing trends and music are also a big part of culture there.
There are over 57,518 people in the Northeast Region in the United States alone!
The Region of the Northeast consists of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusettes, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
The Atlantic Ocean
Lake Ontario...In Canada!
The Famous Hudson River
Niagara Falls...Sometimes Called Heaven on Earth.
A Dish from One of the Many Restaurants in New York.
Rhode Island.....Amazing!
The Crowded Streets of New York....Glorious, if I do Say so Myself.
New Hampshire...Surprising, isn't it?
Freezing Maine.
New Jersey, NOT New York.
Mostly, during summer and spring, it's hot and humid,
wet and rainy, and did I mention hot?
And during winter and fall, this region recieves snowy days, snowy nights, and snowy afternoons.
Spring has Sprung in the Northeast!
A Rainy Summer Day in Massachusettes.
Fall is a Peaceful season...:)
Brrr!!.....Chilly during winter, isn't it?
Natural Resources
Rivers, forests, vegetables,
iron, ore, lemons, apples, rocks, and minerals are all natural resources of the Northeast Region.
And Different Minerals!!
Landmarks and
The most famous landmarks in the Northeast are:
The Statue of Liberty
Niagara Falls
Paul Revere's house
The New England Holocaust
Yankees Stadium
Empire State Building
The Museum of Natural History
Central Park
The House of Paul Revere
Yankees Stadium....:)
The Famous Museum of Natural History
The Empire State Building
Did You Know?
New York has over 12,000 yellow cabs on the streets every morning!
Over 5.000,000 people in New York board a subway train every day. Amazing!
The population is denser in parts of New Jersey than in Japan or India.
Hershey factory was established on October 24 1927.
There are over 60 lighthouses on the coast of Maine.
Examples of Uses: Iron is used for making pots, pans, ipods, etc., forests and rivers help supply the water and lumber there, and ore is used to make steel.
A small town in Massachusettes....
Chocolate being melted to create Hershey chocolate bars......Yum!!
A typical traffic jam in New York......WHOAH!!
A speeding subway train......
This is one of the many lighthouses in the Northeast......:)
Pop Quiz!!!
Prove to us that you bothered to pay attention....;)
1: Name at least two states of the Northeast region (a prize if you name all of them!).
2: What are some famous landmarks?
3: What are some bodies of water there?
4: Describe the climate of the Northeast region.
5: Give some examples of the natural resources there.
6: What does the name "Heaven on Earth" refer to?
Thank You All For Listening, and.........
GOODNIGHT!!!!!!! :)
A Presentation By Marium Khan :)
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