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No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 15 September 2017

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Transcript of lucas.v

computer, word and power point
vocaroo,email and my site
VOCAROO I can use vocaroo for my oral presentation and put it on a power point. I can also use vocaroo to record yourself saying stuff.

EMAIL I can email the power point to my teacher for science . I can also use this to send stuff to people.

MY SITE I can save the power point on my site because documents can be saved on my site.
iphone ,skype and facetime
IPHONE I can use skype and face time on it. I can also use it as a camera too.

FACETIME + SKYPE I can use them for my conference. I can also use them to message people with camera.
I can use it to to take vidio's about my computation and show it to my teacher via skype on iphone.I can also use this to take photos.
interactive whiteboard
INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD I can use it to show my family my work.
Ipad, explain everything
IPAD It has touchscreen so i can do my explain everything. I can also use it as a camera too.

EXPLAIN EVERYTHING I can use it to help me with my maths,on an ipad. I can also send digital drawings to people.
printer and usb
PRINTER I can use it to print worksheets.

USB I can use it to save my work.
My virtual CLASSROOM
by lucas vickers
COMPUTER I can use it for my word document on English. I can also access the internet, it does not have touchscreen.

WORD I can use word to type my story for English,on a computer. I can also use this to create a document

POWER POINT I can put images on Power point for my science, on a computer. I can also use this to make cool presentations
the school is closed for the day,
how will i do my work

power point logo
word logo
explain everything
Email logo
my site logo
facetime logo
skype logo
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