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Untitled Prezi

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Stephon Jones

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

BY: Stephon Jones The Renaissance Types of food that the renaissance people ate.Well there are lots of kind of food but there certain one for each class for the richest they ate soup,soup was very expensive so only the richest can afford it. A very important part of there food was roasts beef.It was the most common food for them.They use orange juice and rosewater for an ingredient. The Renaissance people are really italian so they like pasta because lots of italian like pasta.Pasta is one of their main foods. undiscovered food that we eat still today they use to eat back when they were still around. coffee,tea,potatoes,tomatoes,peppers;beans,peanuts,squash pumpkins,vanilla,cocoa Water was rarely drank due to the difficulties in obtaining clean drinking water.
Wine was believed to be very good for the health.
Spiced or mulled wines were also enjoyed. This drink was only to be enjoyed. Beer and ales were very popular drinks, although they were generally consumed by lower class people rather than the nobility.
Tea & coffee were not commonly drunk in Europe during our time period. They also drank milk
and mead, mead was is produced by fermenting a honey and water mixture. This is how
food sort of
look liked
but not so
much good
as in the
you see
here. The end
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