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Carugil - Company Profile

No description

Carugil Sales Department

on 16 January 2018

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Transcript of Carugil - Company Profile

Multi-lane extrusion
With our multilane lines, up to 40 lines in paralell of chewy candy or toffeee can be extruded and wrapped continuously. Both longitudinal and cross tear mark are possible, thus allowing to easily separate individual pieces connected in a strip.
For chewing gum, soft candy, caramel, toffes and fruit pastes with similar texture.
In the cut-and-wrap field, Carugil offers turnkey production lines with different throughputs up to a maximum of 4.000 pieces per minute. In the packaging area, twe are able to cover a wide range of solutions on the packaging side: fold wrap, double-point end fold, double twist and flow pack.
Cut & Wrap
For chewing gum, soft candy, caramel, toffes and fruit pastes with similar texture.
Manufacturing &
Quality Control
Research and development plays an essential role within the Carugil´s corporate philosophy (a high percentage of our turnover is dedicated annually to I+D+i) . Our R&D team thoroughly studies each new project in order to design and develop mechanical systems which answer our customers’ needs.
Project Development



We Work



To provide added value to Machinery Technology & Industrial Automation through innovation:

• Providing innovative concept to all of our
machines and applications.

• Delivering outstanding machines and applications that are at the forefront of industry.

• Advancing Automation technology through aggressive research and development.
: Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies with R&D for reliable and stable product.

: Multiple perspectives of application results in innovative solutions to solve industrial production challenges.

: Close cooperation and communication with our customers around the world. We are interested in learning more about the real production problems that they face daily, taking into account their experience and suggestions to improve and optimize the solutions supplied.
Our facilities include CNC machines and high precision tools which allow for accurate manufacturing the parts of our machines. Our integrated QC System ensures that all the parts manufactured accomplish with the most demanding quality standards.
All of our machines and systems are assembled on site as we provide all fixtures and fittings ourselves. We carry out the entire assembly procedure in order to maintain high standards of quality, accuracy, durability and finish.
Testing &
A special group of engineers designated to carry out tests on all installed machines and applications. These engineers ensure that all machines and components are correctly installed, tested, operated and commissioned according to the specifications and customer´s requirements.
48 countries
35 countries
23 countries
19 countries
6 countries
Within the Carugil sales network, the presence of distributors and sales partners plays an extremely important role.
In such a complex and segmented market as the confectionery and food sector, their work is indispensable to guarantee in-depth knowledge of local markets, complete coverage of the territory and a high level of service, with the ability to provide a rapid response to the various needs of customers.
Ball Formers
Pop Formers
Bunch Wrappers
Multilane wrappers
+ 48%
+ 12%
+ 19%
+ 51%

Being able to meet new requirements of customers, penetrating in new markets and achieving a Company strong and sustainable growth.
Ball & 3D Ball
Lollipop Lines
Lollipops in ball and 3D ball shape, solid or center-filled (powder, chewing gum or semi-liquid products such syrup, jam or chocolate).
Type of Product

Ball & 3D Ball
Lollipops in ball and 3D ball shape, solid or center-filled (powder, chewing gum or semi-liquid products such syrup, jam or chocolate).
Hard candy in revolution cylindrical or spherical shapes.
Soft Candy &
Liquorice &
fruit pastes
Carugil offers the Multi-lane wrapping machine, able to wrap up to 40 lanes of liquorice and other extruded products in 4-Side Seal sachets.
In cylindrical revolution shapes, solid, hollow or center-filled
In squared or rectangular shapes in one single colour or co-extruded in two or more colours
Wrapped in flow-pack, fold end or 4-Side Seal style.
Chewing and bubble
Chewin gum in Bazooka or flow pack style.
Bubble gum in ball or cylindrical shapes, solid, hollow or center-filled with powder or semi-liquid.
Ball Forming
When it comes to ball forming technology, Carugil is a complete and definitive partner to your business. With a throughput of up to 6.500 pieces per minute, our ball forming lines have been designed to reach high productivity levels with a minimum of maintenance and maximum reliability.
For chewing gum, soft candy, caramel, toffes and fruit pastes with similar texture.
Mixers &
The mixing is carried out by two sigma arms placed at the bottom of the bowl. Discharge of the mixed product can be achieved either by tilting of the kenading bowl or by means of a discharge screw located horizontally below and paralell to the sigma arms.
Extruders &
Counter-rotating twin-screw extruders are widely used in a wide range of different industries such, Confectionery, Food, Pharma, Pet Food, etc.. Reliability, flexibility and high throughput are the most important demands placed on a solution for the extrusion processes.
Machines intended to
form the desired rope of hard/soft candy for feeding to a forming machine or a cut & wrap machine. The rope can be easily filled with chewing gum, semi-liquid products and powder/granulate products.
Pop Formers &
Ball formers
Carugil provides forming machines for sugar confectionery product such lollipops, hard candies, toffes and fruit pastes with similar textures in revolution shapes (with or without center-filling).
Carugil supplies Cooling Tunnels for products such as lollipops, chewing gum and sof candies in bazooka style and for cylindrical pieces produced in a ball former.
Our scope of wrapping machines includes most of the products in the sugar confectionery industry: lollipops, liquorice and soft candy straps and cylinders made in multilane lines, unitary ball or cylindrical pieces, rectangular toffee pieces, etc.
Micellanea of other machines intended for the production of sugar confectionery, pharma and food industries.
We are able to offer any type of cooker you need. No matter whether you want to make hard candy (continuous or batchwise), soft candy or toffee, we can offer you the cooker that matches your needs the best.
Different capacities are available depending on the customers’ needs.
Sigma Arm

CARUGIL Double Sigma Arm Mixers have been engineered to deliver high-capacity mixing performance, along with the user-friendliness, reliability and durability world-class customers demand.

Different capacities are available, from 240 Liters (total) up to 2000 liters. Optionally, our mixers can be equipped with jacketed mixing bowl, variable frecuency drives for the blades, special dies heads/special extrusion spouts, etc.
Tempering & Mixing

Automatic Kneading Machine designed to knead, homogenize and evenly cool down high boiled sugar masses intended to produce hard, center-filled, sugarfree and crunchy candies.
The mixing bowl can be tilted up and forward through the use of a hydraulic system
Eextrusion screw to discharge the product in a form or shape, or directly to the next phase of processings
Extruders &

Counter-rotating twin-screw extruders for processing
sugar confectionery
pet food
similar masses
Exruder for chewing gum, soft candies and toffee
Exruder for striped candy

Two or more extruders can be easily combined to produce co-extruded products. A wide range of extruding heads and nozzles are available, thus allowing for a great variety of different combinations of colours, flavours and shapes.
Our extruders area idially suited for the production of center-filled products.
Forming machines for
The Carugil continuous die lollipop forming machines models CTC are engineered specifically for the production of solid and center-filled high quality ball and 3D ball lollipops, delivering high-capacity forming performance, along with durability and reliability.

Our models CTC-500/1000 will fulfill the production necessities of any entry and medium level producers. For large producers, the CTC-2000 offers strong performance at speeds up to 1800 pieces/min. Besides, our model CTC-2000 can be easily upgraded to high capacity (up to 2100 pieces/min) to give a cost-effective solution to your increasing
production needs.

Ball Forming machines for
chewing gum, soft candy, etc.
The Carugil continuous Ball Formers have been designed for the production of
cylindrical hollow, solid and center-filled products.

With astonishing throughputs (up to 6.500 pieces per minute for the CBF-6000 model), our Ball Formers stand as one of the most profitable machines ever in the Confectionery, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries, allowing for an incredibly quick Return On Investment.

Cooling Tunnels for
The Carugil pop coolers are designed for high-performance precision cooling of a wide range of ball, 3D ball and cylindrical lollipops, while retaining the original lollipop´s shape and quality. Their extra-large product tiers are designed to keep the lollipops rolling continuously, thusavoiding deformation.
Cooling Tunnels for
Ball forming lines
The optimized cooling air flow system allows for a high capacity of up to 1.000 Kg/h while retaining the original pieces´ shape and quality. It provides an even and gentle cooling and circulates cool air to quickly cool large quantities of ball formed hollow, filled and solid pieces, from forming temperature down to packaging temperature.
Insuated Cooling Tunnel CEV-5C
Cooling for cylindrical products model TM-1000
Bunch Wrappers for
Reliability, flexibility, performance and efficiency. These are the characteristics of our Bunch Wrappers CWL.
Depending on the model, the maximum output is:
400, 600

Available labelling solutions for "flag on stick" and stickers/tattoos.
Cooling Tunnels for
Cut & Wrap lines
The CARUGIL Cooling Tunnels Mod. CCT-660 are the perfect complement for feeding directly up to four Cut & Wrap machines.
Number of trays: 7 to 11. Length of the trays: 660 mm
Cut & Wrap
The Carugil Horizonal Form, Fill, Seal machines CWM-4S offer multi-lane packaging productivity, producing “4-Side Seal” style packs. Standard versions are available
from 4 lanes up to 40 lanes
The Carugil machines belonging to CWF series are continuous-motion horizontal form, fill and seal (HFFS) machines for the flow-wrapping of a wide variety of pieces at speeds up to
2.000 pieces per minute
The Carugil CWCS-1000 sizes, shapes, cuts to length and wraps individual pieces of chewing gum, bubble-gum, soft caramels, toffees and chewy candies at speeds of up to
1000 pieces per minute
Other machines for
Confectionery and Food industries
The automatic
laminator CLC-70
is designed to receive batches of hard candy, chewy candy, toffee or caramel and deliver them in the form of continuous leaf to one or more horizontal batch rollers for the production of solid or centre-filled hard boiled sweets.
The Carugil conventional rotary
coating pans CTG-100
can be used in a wide range of coating and polishing processes. Their versatility and flexibility make them especially suitable for confectionery and pharmaceutical industry.
Multi-piston filling machines for high viscosity products,
specially designed for dispensing high viscosity products using multi-piston heads.
The Carugil
rotary cooling drum model CBC-6
is able to cool down up to 600 Kg per hour of soft candy, toffee and caramel.
Bathc Roller for
hard and soft candies
Rope Sizer for
hard and soft candies
CRC-4 rope sizer
accepts the rope from the batch roller CBC-6 and forms the desired rope for feeding to a forming machine or a cut & wrap machine.

Production and sizing of a great variety of ropes of both solid or center filled mass for the production of different products of hard candy, soft candy, toffee, etc.

The Carugil
Rope Sizer CRC-4
automatically feeds and sizes batches of hard candy, toffee, caramel or fruit chew to forming machines and Cut & Wrap machines.

Operator control station and heater controls with lighted indicators are conveniently located. All electrical controls and components are enclosed for long life and to facilitate machine washdown.

Our growth in

Vision, Mission


Scope of

Type of Line

Scope of

Design &
A team of over 20 mechanical engineers, designers and software programmers are responsible for putting together all the ingredients that will give life to our new designs and applications.
Poject Life


Scope of

Continuous and batchwise
Cooking Systems

This system is specially constructed for dosing raw materials from bulk, which are necessary for the production of sugar confectionery.

It is a free progammable, automatic , on microprocessor basis operating weighing, dosing and mixing installation in capacities from 1000 up to 5000 Kg per hour.
Hard Candies
Soft Candies

(By Vomatec)
Continuous cooking system for many type of sugar confectionery products such as hard and soft candies, caramels, fondant and jellies.

Vomadiss cookers can be delivered for a wide range of production, from 250 to 4000 Kg per hour.
Compact and complete cooking system for hard and soft candies, caramels, fondant and jellies., including all the necessary elements.

The installation is built together on one groundframe complete with product pipework, steam, condensate and water pipework with all necessary fittings and one central connection.
The Pilot Plant is used for product development and product improvement on a laboratory scale.

Maximum capacity of 100 Kg per hour. The recipes and parameters developed can be used on the larger Vomadiss system immediatel.
In the late 80's, CARUGIL was established in 1961 as a small suburban workshop to provide maintenance service to the local confectionery companies which spread around the city of Murcia in the 60´s.
In the late 80´s, CARUGIL began to develop its own designs and commercialize machinery for the Confectionery and Food Industries. Nowadays, CARUGIL is firmly established as one of the world´s leading specialists in high-quality machines for the Confectionery and Food Industries.

CARUGIL is now firmly established as one of the world’s leading specialists in high quality machines for the confectionery and food industries. With the market showing rapid growth in both size and diversity, we continue to consolidate our position with machines that integrate excellence in technology with new, cutting-edge software applications.

Polígono Industrial el Tiro
C\ Antonio Belmonte Abellán, 6
30.100 Espinardo, Murcia
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