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Douglas Sudberry

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Voodoo

VooDoo WHY DO PEOPLE THINK VOODOO IS THE RELIGION OF THE DEVIL? Are there various aspects of voodoo?

There is one God. This God is very similar to the God of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.
Rada concentrates on the positive side of Voodoo only.
Petro concentrates on both the negative and positive sides.
Secta Rouge concentrates on the negative side.
Zobop concentrates on the extreme negative
Which part of voodoo does people see or focus on most?
I think people focus on both the Secta Rouge part of voodoo because of what we see in movies and T.V. shows. Why is this a bad part of the religion?
The only reason this is a bad part of the religion because of what we see and think as being of a different religion.

I chosen this topic because of what i seen on TV and was wondering was all of it is true. Im from the south and i go to the mardi gras in New Orleans and Voodoo is very popular and my mom told me don't mess with to many people because of Voodoo sayings. http://www.voodoospiritualtemple.org/voodoo.htm

I picked this site because the way I felt when I was reading some of the article. SO WHY DO PEOPLE THINK VOODOO IS THE RELIGION OF THE DEVIL? Many blamed the quake in Haiti that killed over 100,000 on devil worship, but Voodoo is a blend of French Catholicism and African religions. It has also been recognized as a part of Christianity by Pope John Paul II.
This is Marie Laveau, she is one of the popular for voodoo in the south. She is very popular now even after her death people from all over the US to see her tomb and some people even said they saw her walking around the grave yard. Conclusion: I learned that Voodoo is a religion that is misunderstood. Maybe if we take the time to learn about voodoo it wouldn't be as bad as we make it seem beacuse it is mostly like our religion they have one god, but they have more then one way to talk to their god.
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