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Poverty in Philadelphia

No description

Sam Knight

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Poverty in Philadelphia

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Omotola Akeredolu, Runhong Gao, Sam Knight and Yiman Li Poverty in Philadelphia. What is Poverty? Poverty In Philadelphia Some causes of Poverty in Philly are: Obvious solutions to Poverty. 1. Lack of Jobs EFFECT OF THE POVERTY 1. Unkempt Buildings 2. Lack of Education 3. Aging Population 4. Government Budget 4. Increase in Crime 2. Panhandlers References:

MailOnline, Dirty old towns: Top Ten America's filthiest cities, Feb.19.2013

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Philadelphia Public School, . "Poverty in Philadelphia and its schools: Facts and figures." The Notebook. 12 2010: n. page. Web. 20 Feb. 2013 Poverty is a state in which a person lacks the means of obtaining the basic necessities of life According to facts gotten from listverse, The united states is the fourth most highly developed country in the world, so it is surprising to know that one of its cities, philadelphia is suffering from poverty. 1. Government should increase spending on social services and infrastructures.

2. Taxes on poor people should be reduced and vice-versa

3.) Social services and infrastructures should be created "Drexel students get involved" In school Outside campus At home or during holidays Our solution Take part in civic engagement programs Give out food and alms Join common enterprises that offer civic engagement offer training or lectures to the kids next door The City of Brotherly Love The graph shows that the job increase in the most recent years, does not add up to the job decrease, neither does it add up to the amount of people below the poverty line. According to this graph, the unemployment rate in philadelphia is higher than the average unemployment rate of the US. According to the graph, The unemployment rate was decreasing then started to increase again. This graph shows that the sum total number of students enrolling in schools have decreased over the year. This graph shows that,the total number of dependents is larger than the the working class population. In the world today employers need able-bodied men. Which leaves most of the older class jobless. This graph reveals that the goverment spends most of its money on public safety and less on social services which could provide jobs for people. The people have no money to clean or renovate their houses. Philadelphia according to the notebook, is one of the 10 largest cities in the United States, and is the fifth-most-populous city in the United States with a population of 1,536,471 (2011). Out of which 18.36% ===>282,096 people are living below the poverty line. They don't have money or food, so they beg for it. This graph shows that the the number of crimes in Philadelphia has been on the high level, the only possible reason being poverty. This graph also shows how the number of killings are high especially on during the recession years. This video shows the effects of poverty in Philadelphia As College students, this problem of poverty really bothers us, seeing human beings like us on the streets is not just right and so... Why wait months or years when something can be done now even if small. We are the Leaders of tomorrow, Lets practice our leadership skills NOW!!! and set the standard for our tomorrow. Together we can reduce poverty in Philly and make it once again... This Presentation was put together by a team of Drexel students to address and propose a practical solution to the problem"Poverty in Philadelphia".

Watch and Be Enlightened!!! These and more are solutions that will take months or years before they are even enforced. The children can't afford to go to school, so they are left wandering aimlessly on the streets. 3. Uneducated Children
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