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Youtube by Marissa Ream

No description

MR. S.

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Youtube by Marissa Ream

On YouTube, you can can upload videos. You can upload any different type of video, from makeup tutorials, to music videos, to even a section of the last Olympics gymnastic competition!
Like any other public website, bad things can be written or posted. It is possible to block* people. You can also report people for spam or innapropriate posts or comments. You can also set a age restriction, which means you can't see any videos rated 18 or older.
Blocking is when you are restricted from something. You can block someone's comment, or even block the user completely.
Comments & Likes
If you like a video, you can click the "like" button. If you don't like the video, you can click the "dislike" button. You can also leave comments. These can also be innapropriate, so you can block or report the commenter.
YouTube Channels are a great way for people to express their taste in fashion, art, food, etc. You can subscribe to others' channels by clicking the "subscribe" button listed near the name of the channel. These subscriptions are normally free, and they notify you when that channel has uploaded a new video.
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