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Smart Home Energy Management System

No description

Mahyar SoEasy

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Smart Home Energy Management System

Smart Home Energy Management System Presented by: Mahyar Soeizi Case Study What is Home Automation? Real time reports to user Wireless Network Systems (WNS) Location Smart EMS Energy Leaks 1. TV Room 2. Basement workstatin 3. Hallways and stairways 4. Entertainment System 9 lights
100% on
Avg. 4 hours per day Eight 50 watt lights
100% on
Avg. 3 hours per day Safety lights left on 5 hours over night 730 KWh / year which is 34.63% of total electricity consumed by lights. 42.63% of total power usage in standby Solutions 8.4$ per year while the 95% dimmed ones
basement and TV room save $39.42 and $29.57 respectively assuming no labor cost starts from $20 Electricity Consumption Distributed - $39.99 at Home Depot
- Saving us 746.46 kwh/year
- $67 at mid-peak price Motion Detector Dimmer Switch Installation 42.63% is standby Additional Recommendations Full home automation systems Continuous Monitoring Color Coding Energy Aware Accessibility and Comfort Open Source Introduction Problem Objective What is Home Automation Case study household
Specific lifestyle
Particular appliances and electronics Find energy leaks Solutions via home automation
Accessible and DIY
Low cost Location Smart Management Real time Energy Monitoring Communication Medium RF - longer range Yonge & Sheppard WNS Conclusion Cost Annual Saving Future Works 1. Installing a dimmer switch in kitchen and setting it to 70%. This will save $8.4/year.
2. Installing a dimmer switch in basement and setting it to 10%. This will save $39.42/year.
3. Installing a dimmer switch in TV room and setting it to 10%. This will save $29.57/year.
4. Installing a motion detector the main stairways to avoid leaving night lights on. This will save $65/year. $90 $142.42
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