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La Belgique

Un pays de l'Europe

Casey Wade

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of La Belgique

Trois sections de la Belgique 1. En haut (au nord) - Flanders has a lion on its flag. 2. Au milieu - Brussels has flower type design on its flag. 3. En bas (au sud) - Wallonia has a rooster on its flag. Le drapeau de la Belgique. Les colours sont noir, jaune, et rouge. Les Produits automobiles, food products, iron and steel, finished diamonds, and texttiles. Wallonia: Cinq villes Charleroi, Liege, Namur, Mons, et La Louviere. Charleroi Charleroi is the largest city in Wallonia and it is the 4th most popolous city in Belgique. Liege Liege has huge folklore festivals and is the 2nd largest city in Wallonia. Namur Namir has many old communes and was an important trading settlement in cletic times. Mons People have found old flint tools dating back to the Neolithic times and the town holds mock medieval battles. La Louviere La Louviere at one point was wolf infested and it was a former coal mining area.
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