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Soul of The Great Bell

No description

Ana Andrade

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of Soul of The Great Bell

Soul of The Great Bell
by Lacfadio Hearn

The Story
At the end of the class, you must be able to:
1. Point out and illustrate imageries used in the story.
2. Deduce the relevant ideas in the text leading to the theme.
3. State the significance of selflessness projected by the story's protagonist.

What are bells for?
What is an imagery?
Use of vivid and descriptive language to represent objects, actions or ideas.
Imageries from The Soul of The Great Bell
vermilion of sunrise

The Story
Setting: Peking City, Ming Dynasty
Emperor worshiped as the
Son/Mandate of Heaven

"Gold and brass will never meet in wedlock, silver and iron never will embrace, until the flesh of a maiden be melted in the crucible; until the blood of a virgin be mixed with the metals in their fusion."

Soul of the great bell
The story sounds like a myth of how the bell gets its sound or soul.

Different Bell Sounds
Church Bell
Sports bell
Christmas Bell
School Bell
Alarm Bell
Why are they made?
#1 All the porcelain gargoyles tremble on their carven perches
#2 All the hundred little bells of the pagodas quiver with desire to speak.
#3 All the lacquered goblins on the palace cornices wriggle their fire-coloured tongues!
Class is grouped into 3.
Each group illustrates an imagery from the short story through a tableau.
The group also discusses difficult words found in the imagery.
The members talk about the meaning of the imagery.
foundry work
What is the conflict?
Kouan-Yu has to create a bell made of gold, silver, brass whose sound could reach a hundred li.
Once he fails, he shall face his death.
Selflessness as equated to bravery.
1. How are these values portrayed in the story?
2. What do these valus reflect about Chinese temperament?
Fate as a dictator of reality.
1. How does fate play its role in the story?

Fate of Kongai

The Mandate of Heaven
An emperor should be an exceptional being -- a sage king
As mediator between Heaven and Earth, the emperor was thought to be a major participant in all cosmic actions (harvest, weather, etc.)
They have to wait for the vermilion of sunrise before going to the trip.
a. brightness
b. peak
c. hotness
A bell must have undergone through a foundry.
a. security
b. inspection
c. melting pot
d. manufacture
Short Lesson about Imagery
1. My father is caught in the toils of despair.
a. To work continuously
b. To proceed with difficulty
c. An entrapment
d.A net for trapping game
2. The king is reputed to be wise.
a. To consider
b. To estimate
c. To protect
d. To call
3. He is to make a bell that is stupendous.
a. large
b. amazing
c. fantastic
d. brilliant
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