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Green Business Practice (FIN 3112) Assignment

No description

Stephanie So

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of Green Business Practice (FIN 3112) Assignment

Green Business Practice (FIN 3112)Assignment

Topic: Greenroof Roofing Project

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
- Project Plan
- Description of the Project
- The Six layers Grass
- Problems
- Solutions
- Self Reflection

- Greenroof Roofing Project Company is a "ministry of Culture and Sport Limited" which was founded in 2008.

- Two branches under the organization
1. Designed to promote the “green roof”
2. To make the organization well known by helping customers build a green roof. "

Description of the project
Project Plan – Working timeline
- The Goal it to create more activities in the URBAN City, Hong Kong, in order to reduce emission and change the air quality.

- To enhance the awareness of the importance of green activities.

- Everyone should get involved in the process of improving the air quality of our City.

Project Plan – Team goal
Project Plan – Division of work
The Six layers Grass
Idea of the GRF Company
- Establishment of the life of
- To
the community

- Main business:
- “Building green space“

- Promotions:
- Businesses
- Promotion in schools
- “One school, One green garden”

Purpose of the GRF Company
- Maximum the use of green space for green activities.
- Cool down the temperature of the building for 4-6℃
- Greatly reduce the need for air-conditioning
- Reducing carbon emissions (carbon dioxide CO2)
- Absorb by roof plants in the air

By: So Siu Ching, Stephanie (130149065)
Improve the air quality to have a cleaner environment for us to enjoy!!
- The air-pollution is very serious in Hong Kong.

- It has led to many diseases which provides a major threats to our health.

- Hong Kong is a small country with scarce land resources.

- Green roof and Rooftop gardens.
- Grow Plants

- Educate companies to be environmental friendly.

- Government intervention can be used for promoting green concept into the community and businesses.

As a result!!
A better life for next generation

Self Reflection
- I think the pollution in Hong Kong need to be improve, epically air pollution.
- Visibility is extremely low
- Caused by vehicle and industrial emissions
- Too much CO2
- Harmful to human being

- Introduce the green activities can resolve the pollutions.
Self Reflection
- By experience, we should also take the example of Tokyo in consideration
- Huge urban city where there are a lot of green activities
Thank you for listening!!
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