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30 Things About Me

No description

Brendan Keating

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of 30 Things About Me

30 Things About Me
"30 Things About Brendan Keating"
by Brendan Keating 1. I love Paisley patterns 2. My dog is a chocolate lab. 3. My favorite town in Delaware is Lewes. 4. I visited New York for the first time this past December. 5. I play tenors in the marching band. 6. 5. My Birthday is in late September. 6. I play Tenors in the marching band. 7. I only have one sibling, an older sister. 8. I have a deep love for The Muppets 9. I am about 50% Polish and 50% Irish. 10. I used to play Ice Hockey. 11. I played Tennis in tenth grade. 12. I played Volleyball last year. 13. I enjoy all genres of music. 14. My favorite band is Pink Floyd. 15. Nicolas Cage is my favorite actor. 16. Sweaters are my favorite piece of clothing to wear. 17. English is my favorite subject in school. 18. My favorite show ever is Spongebob. 19. My favorite movie of all time is Goodfellas. 20. I hope to visit England one day. 21. I do not own any video game systems. 22. My most prized possession is a vinyl single of Michael Jackson's "Thriller", because it contains the instrumental mix. 23. Every time I watch The Lion King it brings me to tears. 24. I own a Morphsuit. 25. I hope to attend University of Delaware for college. 26. I love Vans. 27. I wish I could rap. 28. I hate Nickelback 29. I play guitar, bass, drums, and I am learning how to play piano. 30. My favorite color is Red!
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