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Global Water Shortage

No description

Alex Samaroo

on 13 February 2016

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Transcript of Global Water Shortage

lil spanky

Global Water Shortage
Created by: Syed Faraz Hussain, Hassan Nisar, Zeyd Hassan, Alex Samaroo, Shahriyar Ibrahim
Case Study: Pakistan
Human Causes
Effects To Humans & The Environment
Current/Future Solutions

May look like abundance, but we are in scarcity of water
Only 3% of world's water is freshwater, 2/3 of it frozen
Many countries without water for long periods of time
Some countries get access to water, but it is not amongst the cleanest
Water-borne illnesses can occur
Water systems have gone dry or too polluted to use
By 2025, 2/3 of world's population will not have access to water
Invest in Desalination
Groundwater Overdrafting

extracting more fossil water than the safe yield
Humans extract lots of groundwater
can increase the amount of moisture
moisture can directly cause global warming

. The water shortage is caused by the global climate change, the local waste, and mismanagement of the water leading to the water crisis.

. Effects of this are higher demand for water obviously and the galciers in pakistan and the Himalayas will be gone by 2035 which would make a problem for people living by the stream.

.Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, cyclones, and drought will occur.

.They may have a shortage of water like most countries, but pakistan has abandoned water resources from Himalayas and Karakorum heights

Overuse of water resources

97% of the water on the Earth is salt water and only three percent is fresh water
remaining unfrozen freshwater is found mainly as groundwater
little water available to use, overuse can definitely lead to water shortage
Pollution of water resources

Humans are disposing waste in water resources
leave most wastes partially treated which causes pollution
affects precipitation, surface waters, and groundwater, as well as degrading ecosystems.
Groundwater overdrafting (excessive use)
Overuse of water resources
and pollution of water resources
There are 3 main human causes of the water shortage crisis
- At each 8 seconds, a child dies because of a disease transmitted through the infected water. Each year 1.5 and a half million children are dying from water and sanitation-related to diseases, many more are debilitated by illnesses, pain and discomfort.
- There is no Food if there is no water, for example it takes 15,400L of water to produce 1KG of beef and everyone eats beef.
- If the water is gone we won't be able to clean our dishes, cloths, ourselves, food etc.

- Environmental effects are that without the smarter water resources management in a growing world with more and more people demanding for water and so the activites for it and will create pollution, and while also breaking the boundaries of sustainability of water resources utilization. this will provoke the effects of climate change which is already impacted by some of the earth's most defenceless rivers, lakes, and ecosystems.
Desalination is a process which converts salt water into drinkable water
It is very effective, but also very expensive
The first large-scale desalination plant was opened in London in 2010 by Thames Water
cost £270 million and can supply 1 million people with water.
It runs on 100% renewable energy

Reduce our Current Usage

We can use our water usage but doing little things such as:
Turning off the tap by brushing our teeth
taking shorter showers
make sure your faucets do not leak
wait unlil you have a full load before turning on your washing mashine

You can help too!
Donate at water.org, thewaterproject.org or charitywater.org
Use less water at home. Turn off the tap!
Buy and use water friendly products
Encourage your friends to do the same!
Water saving shower head
Smart faucet aerator
Reduces water used in a shower
Only costs $22.98
reduces water used when using the faucet of either a kitchen/bathroom sink
No need for plumber
push rod and water comes out
leave rod, and water stops
costs on $15.99
Not electrically hooked
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