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JTCC library services

Assessment Day presentation

ha hoang

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of JTCC library services

What kind of library instruction?

general library overview
database research
course specific
citations & plagiarism
evaluating sources

Customized presentations for individual
come to us...
librarian on duty
we can come to you
Workshops are also offered throughout the semester

Who Said That? The Basics of Citing Sources in MLA
The 411 on Writing an Awesome Research Paper
Plagiarism: Did I Say That?
Smart Searching: Library Databases 101
Google Mania: More Than a Search Engine
Also known as Subject Guides or Research Guides, these guides contain listings of recommended resources, including suggested books, databases, journals, videos, web pages and other useful resources to help students research more effectively.

How are Libguides organized?

subjects may be general
(English literature, Sociology, Nursing)
subjects may be tailored to a specific
course or assignment
(SDV 100, ENF3, PSY200, Argument Essay)
subjects may be topically organized
(Clean Coal, American Revolution, GMOs)
guides may also include interactive tutorials,
professional development resources
and how-tos for faculty and staff
JTCC Library Databases

access to over 100 databases
includes articles, ebooks, primary sources, videos, etc.
interdisciplinary and subject specific databases
scholarly peer reviewed journals
full-text available
remote access 24/7


documentary films
curriculum focused video
news segments
archival primary source materials
Can't find what you need @ JTCC? No problem.
The library can borrow items for you from other libraries throughout the US via INTERLIBRARY LOAN.
It's free!
Types of ILL requests

journal articles
ILL service is available to JTCC faculty, staff and students
Why Libguides?

saves time and hassle during the research process
great for online classes -- libguides can be added to Blackboard
allows for more collaboration with instructors
regularly updated by library staff members

Library instruction
Library databases
Films on Demand
e-Books update
Interlibrary loan
Ask a Librarian
Library 101 is a Blackboard module designed
to introduce students to research at JTCC’s library
RALC promotes resource sharing through such activities as interlibrary lending, document delivery and direct borrowing by patrons.
RALC Members
Faculty and staff do not need RALC passes
(College ID will usually be sufficient)

Students will need a RALC pass
Each RALC pass is good for one visit
Multiple passes be may obtained
RALC passes available in person at both campuses
Faster alternative to traditional Interlibrary Loan
QuickSearch is a new library discovery tool
QuickSearch @ JTCC provides access to multiple library resources all at once -- books, articles, videos, ebooks, etc.
It's a simplified way to search.
One-stop-shopping for your research needs!
QuickSearch is a work in progress, but you can still access it right now!

In addition to all the great e-books we already subscribe to, the VCCS and VIVA have just added a ton more!
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics- Health) collections and are provided through
Springer and ScienceDirect.
Springer information: http://www.springer.com/librarians/e-content/ebooks?SGWID=0-40791-0-0-0):
ScienceDirect title list: http://www.info.sciverse.com/techsupport/books/ebook2013.htm
DDA (Demand Driven Acquisitions) Pilot Program-
VIVA and EBL (E-book Library) are working to create a user driven acquisition system for e-books
QuickSearch will be receiving an update at the end of April. To see the version we will update to, please see VCU’s library search page:

In addition to all the wonderful help from John Tyler staff- sometimes we just are not available when students need us!

LRC Live or Ask-A-Librarian: 24/7 help with real library professionals!
Connect to "Ask a Librarian" via JTCC Library homepage
Access to JTCC resources
Follow-up service for any unanswered questions
Connect with a librarian. Anywhere. Anytime.
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