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Nana & Papa's 50th

No description

Aleah Black

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Nana & Papa's 50th

Millard and Darla Barr: 50 Years of Love Created by: Aleah Black Their Youth Introducing:
Millard George Barr Mill & Dad Silly Mill Mill & Mom Baby Millard Introducing:
Darla Adele Martin Darla & Dad Silly Darla Darla & Mom Darlin' Darla Mill and The Boys Brothers... ...And Others Goofy Darla Dress-up... ...And Silliness Their Childhoods: Teenage Darla All Grown Up &Beautiful... But still so goofy! Majorette! With a Friend: Ready for a dance: Another School Portrait: Slumber party: School Portrait: Graduation: Family Picture: With a Date: And my personal favorite... Young Millard Their Youth: Their Wedding Their Wedding: Their Wedding: Mill and The Men The Bride and Groom's Families Darla, in what the newspaper called, "A street length dress with a crescent of white roses." The Bride and Groom: Mill and his best man, David Mill, Darla, Marry Frances, & David Cutting the Cake! And Eating the Cake! Fleeing the Scene Darla and Fred Someone stealing a kiss from the bride... Getting ready! Darla in 1948 Darla in 1962 Little Gary! Photobomb! But then... They met! And next thing you know! Their Kids Their Kids: Darla
And the Kids Mill
And the Kids Family
Photos The Happy Couple Leaving the Nest But after dating for 2 and 1/2 years... And wearing white dresses and suits for dances... First
baby... Welcome
Barr! Then
babies! Welcome
Barr! Then
babies! Welcome
Barr! Leaving the Nest: Grandkids! Fun and Games! Trivia! Sharon's hair through the ages... Grandkids! And soon their kids were growing, grown, and then gone! Off on their own adventures. Happy anniversary Millard and Darla!
We all love you very much!
-Your family
Prezi Created by Aleah Black The End! Handsome Handsome Oh look! Still handsome! Eagle scout yet? Military Man Wait... That's not Darla! Grilling... Shirtless? The younger years: Getting older: Darla and Brenda go to Hawaii: Weddings: Group shots: And then before you know it... The Blacks: Finn Ossian Docherty
Elin Fox Docherty Aleah Willa Black
Keegan Elliot Black The Dochertys: The Barrs: Lydia Kay Barr
Abigail Dai Barr Miscellaneous: Funny shots! Simplified
Tree: Fred Charles Martin + Vivian Bernice Marshall George States Barr +
Pauline Pearl
States Darla Adele
Martin Millard George Barr Daniel Millard Barr +
Bess Marie Karn Sharon Lynn Barr +
Francis Joseph Docherty Brenda Sue Barr +
Ian Herric Black Finn Osian Docherty Elin Fox Docherty Aleah Willa Black Keegan Elliot Black Abigail Dai Barr Lydia Kay Barr Family Map! Brenda, Ian, Keegan & Aleah
Burlington, Vermont Fran, Sharon, Elin & Finn
Bellvue, Colorado Bess, Lydia & Abby
Bellingham, Washington Dan
Harrisonburg, Virginia Mill & Darla
Dover, Pennsylvania Darla's...
First car
Favorite color
Birth order
Favorite food
First job
Favorite movie star
favorite singer
Mom's name
Home town
Maid of Honor Mill's...
First car
Favorite color
Birth order
Favorite food
First job
Favorite movie star
favorite singer
Dad's name
Home town
Best man How long did they date?
Their highschool?
Their anniversary?
Where they first lived together? Extra Special Bonus Question:
What was Mill's childhood nickname?
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