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New Faculty Orientation Fall 2012

Queens College, CUNY; Flushing, NY

Eva Fernández

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of New Faculty Orientation Fall 2012

New Faculty Orientation
Monday August 27 & Tuesday September 4
12:30-2:00pm, Patio Room, Queens College Things You Need to Know
to Teach at Queens College
Accounts Liza Torres
Office of Converging Technologies (OCT) Attendance
and Grading Adrienne Bricker
Office of the Registrar Library
Services Simone Yearwood
Rosenthal Library Emanuel Avila
Division of Student Affairs Academic Integrity Resources for Teaching Jean Kelly & Rob Garfield
Center for Teaching & Learning Media Services Office of Converging Technologies (OCT) Hybrid
Teaching & Learning Rowena Li
Graduate School of Library & Information Studies Extracurricular Professional Development Units that offer faculty support &
faculty development activities:
Center for Teaching & Learning http://www.qc.cuny.edu/ctl
(see also http://teachlearn.commons.gc.cuny.edu)
Writing at Queens http://writingatqueens.org
Office of General Education http://www.qc.cuny.edu/gened

Teaching & Learning events & information:

Coming soon:
Tue Sep 4, 11am: Mindfulness Practices in Teaching & Learning
Thu Sep 20, 12:15pm: Tech Talk: Teaching with the New York Times
Wed Oct 3, 12:15pm: ePortfolios event for students PSC-CUNY Adjunct-CET
Professional Development grants, 2012-2013:
Adjunct faculty teaching six or more classroom contact hours in the semester, and who have taught two or more courses in the two most recent consecutive semesters (not including summer session), and who have been notified of reappointment for the next consecutive semester, are qualified to apply. Deadlines to apply are the first of every month for activities happening the following month, except July and August. Adjunct
Faculty Adjunct Faculty Handbook: http://qc.cuny.edu/?id=16OY


Adjunct Colloquium Series:
12:15 – 1:30 pm
Thur Sep 27: Plagiarism
Mon Nov 5: Accreditation and Adjuncts
Mon Dec 3: Grading Student Writing

QC Adjuncts Google Group: Stay connected with the QC adjunct community by joining this discussion group, where you can ask questions and share your thoughts. This group is open to everyone.

Faculty Resource Center: CEP Hall 2, located on the perimeter of Parking Lot 7, behind the Student Union. Thu Sep 13, 7pm, Goldstein Theater
Eta orain? So now? ¿Y ahora?
(Ortzai Laboratorio) Benefits Brandis Ruffin
Human Resources Make your one voice many! Thanks! Fei-Wen Pirovolikos & Rowena Li (Facilitators)

From CTL:
Sarah Stetson
Tyler Rivenbark
Cecilia Britez
German Britez
Carina Nieves
Michael Perlman
Christina Calixte Adjunct Events Committee:
Ken Ryesky
Rowena Li
Andrea Mosenson

Adjunct Handbook Committee:
Simone Yearwood
Lori Yamato
Ray Law
Ken Lord From Provost's Office:
Yasemin Jones
Heather Curtin
Aruna Mahadeo http://tinyurl.com/9u5rden http://tinyurl.com/99vds38 http://www.qc.cuny.edu/StudentLife/services/studev/ http://qcpages.qc.cuny.edu/library/ Random Stuff:

Speedy Q Printshop: order printing online. https://printshop.qc.cuny.edu

Security Office: Located in Jefferson 201 (718-997-4443, fax 718-997-4454) handles parking and key requests. Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Parking: Purchase decals at Security Office; personal checks are accepted, but not credit cards. Annual: $250 full-time; $150 adjunct; spring/summer only: $150 full-time; $75 adjunct; Motorcycles: $160 fall/spring/summer; $80 summer only.

Key Requests: To request a key, fill out a Key Request form and forward it to the Security Office for processing; you will receive a card by interoffice mail when the key is ready. There is a fee to replace lost keys. Lock Shop contacts: Husni Darwish: 718-997-4451; Reuben Borrero: 718-997-4452. http://www.qc.cuny.edu/Computing/MediaServices/ http://kupferbergcenterarts.org/ http://qcpages.qc.cuny.edu/godwin_ternbach/ http://www.louisarmstronghouse.org/ http://www.qcchoralsociety.org/ http://bit.ly/OeAZOI http://www.queensknights.com/sports/landing/index http://qc.cuny.edu/?id=IACP Athletics China Jude, Inas Kelly,
Leanna Taylor, & Jennifer Robbins http://www.queensknights.com/ http://www.qc.cuny.edu/HR/Pages/Benefits.aspx http://tinyurl.com/9c58dac http://tinyurl.com/94w2brg http://tinyurl.com/997738q Casey Williams, Jose Betances & Bryan Chan
Full transcript