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Nirant Ramakuru

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Mark

Marketing To ensure a strong budget for the festival.
To increase the brand value of TechKriti'13 in the corporate world.
Maintaining long term relations with sponsors. Video Brochure Much more effective than a booklet.
Can explain better regarding the branding avenues. New Branding Avenues Links to sponsor websites on online events Team Structure 3 Heads
15 Executives
15 Junior Executives
15 Volunteer Formation of Marketing Team Contacting Specific Sectors Embassies
Major Banks Updation of previous Database Feedback from Past Sponsors Local Marketing Plantation Drive
Cycle rally
Marketing trips TechKriti '13 Feedback Regular Out-Station Trips Delhi
Noida Designing of Marketing Brochure
and Proposal. Time Line Credentials Senator UG Y9
Coordinator Ritambhara, Antaragni'11
Marketing Executive, Techkriti'12 The aim of marketing is to avoid selling. Practice calling sessions and demo meetings shall be arranged for the executives to give them an idea about the work before the actual work starts. April Summers Summer end August - October November - January January Ensuring that banners and other marketing merchandise is ready. Taking Pictures of Banners and hoardings
Ensuring that the sponsor's needs are fulfilled. Include problems of sponsors in BATTLE FIELD. Associate sponsors with the speakers and personalities. Floor Branding Name : Techkriti
Logo :
Tagline : Technology for the future
Shapes ellipse, diamond...
Graphics : Promos, teasers...
Color : Red, Grey, Black Link between various sectors of the Festival and Marketing team... Finance Getting sponsors for foodcourt.. Professional Affairs Getting constant updates regarding the speakers.
Approaching CEOs, CTOs and CFOs of companies to give talks and also sponsor the festival. Events Contacting event specific sponsors.
Using arenas as a branding avenue.
Procuring components from sponsors if possible. MegaWorld Procuring goodies for auctioning.
Using sponsor logos on Mega-bucks.
Having treasure hunt motivating participants to visit the sponsor stalls. New SAC as a branding avenue Marketing Rainbow! Existing branding avenues This would be done on a much larger scale. Nirant Ramakuru Nominee
Head, Maketing Mock calling sessions Thank You! Marketing through Social Campaign Use of Social Campaign Appeal to CSR of the companies Social Media Campaign Appealing to CSR of companies Regular calling of companies in Database Sector wise calling will be preffered Video Brochure A 30sec video brochure conveys more information rather than a 20 page booklet
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