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katelyn and emma

No description

audie skweres

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of katelyn and emma

Crystal night or the night of broken glass The night of November 9-10,1938 German and austrian synagogues were order burned by retaliation for the murder of a german by an angry polish jew The twisted steel vault of a huge synagogue in Bialystok,On June 27,1941 the nazis burned alive 1000 in this temple. The germans were looking for a way to get rid of the jews. Hitler manily wanted what people with blonde hair and blue eyes. if you were Jewish, blind, or had any broken body part you would be sent t o a concentration camp. In one night 1,350 synagogues were burned down as part of the kristallnact. Kristallnact in that one night the loss of lifes of barbarious violance
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