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Schools Shouldnt Have Dress Codes Because

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Jaynale Washington

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Schools Shouldnt Have Dress Codes Because

Why Not?
We shouldn't have dress codes because all the students feel that we are dressing alike. The students wont feel like the school is dressing them because that is the students responsibility. The students can feel like they want to be themselves and not what the school staff and others who agreed on the change (dress code) want them to be.
Students does not want dress code and does'nt want one to be at any NEW HANOVER COUNTY SCHOOLS. Kids dislike the dress code and upset and that could cause the students to get in trouble , and that could focus on learning and conformity = bad

- No Sagging
- Tank Tops 3 Fingers
- No Flip Flops
- Pants At Waist
- No Bandanas
Dress Codes ( Shouldn't )
Girl :

- No Flip Flops
-No Shorts
-Collard Shirts
-No Low Cut Shirts
-3 Fingers For Strap Shirts

I think we shouldn't have a dress code :


Takes away freedom.
Students should feel comfortable coming to school.
They should wear what they want.

They should feel more relaxed.
Jaynale Washington
Oct, 15 2013
Ms.Pearson's Class

There should not be dress codes in schools because there is no point in having it. Dress codes show kids conformity and obedience. And besides kids love to express themselves through clothes to show what kind of person they are and how they act. Kids also believe that with no dress codes they have freedom
My Opinion
Why should we?
I honestly don't see the reason why we have dress code. There is no point in us having it. Boys will get excited either way whether the girls are wearing shorts or skinny jeans. Anybody and everybody should be able to express themselves. Let the parents be the judge in what the kids should and shouldn't wear.

My Thoughts On Dress Code
Kid should not have a dress code. They should wear what the want and be happy. That way kids can be unique . That way no one can be the same. So kids can walk into school without a teacher saying fix your clothes or call home to get some more. There are many reasons why kids should not have a dress code
What Do YOU Think?
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dress_code
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution
- http://www.wect.com/story/13997294/murray-middle-school-students-win-dress-code-debate
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