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Mughal Empire

No description

Ayane Nakashima

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Mughal Empire

Mughal Empire
Taj mahal
Mughal Paintings
Important leaders
Important Leaders
Origin and Location
The founder came from Central Asia
16th and 17th century
Founded by Barbur
Fought the First Battle of Panipat
Founded the Mughal Empire
The first emperor of Mughal
He was a great poet
The 3rd emperor of Mughal
Expanded a territory : Afganistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh
Set a centerazied system of the government
Made a new tax system
Did appeasement policy to other believer
Supported to flourish art/ culture
Main religion was Islam
It was the biggest Islamic empire in India
government allow to believe other religion
It had famous painting, buildings, poet
It infuluenced by Pakistan
Art was impacted so much on Islamic idea
Men tie turbans
Mughal Poetry
It located most of India and part of Pakistan
divided into independence states/kigdoms
Each state has own ruler
It has centrized system
Appeasement policy to other belivers
traded with Europe
The British East India Company
make silver coin
unified the money
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