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Architecture takes world by storm

No description

melissa reese

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Architecture takes world by storm

A tribute
The Greek Parthenon
The Greek Parthenon was a temple made to worship the Greek goddess Athena. The temple was made in what we call now the traditional style of Architecture. One of the eye catching features is that it has the traditional style pillars that encircle the box-like building itself. The pillars in my opinion are what bring depth to the temple. This a picture of the Parthenon at night.
What is architecture?
Disney Concert
"Huh", was probably your reaction when you started to read this. Your reaction was probably, what is architecture( ar-ki-tek-chure)? So, to see what local pedestrians thought or knew about Architecture, I went undercover to get the scoop.
"So, do you know anything about Architecture?', I asked a local.
"Not at all" he said contently.
"What is Architecture all about?" I asked another local.
" I think Architecture has somthing to do with the study of bones , I think" she said.
This shocking evidence shows that many people don't know much at all about Architecture. Architecture is the designing of structures. The Greek Parthenon and Walt Disney Concert Hall were some of the structures that I found very interesting. Read on to find out more about them!

Architecture takes world by storm!
May 5, 2014
By Samantha Lendo
"I love Architecture ", said Izzy (Isobela) D.
These are my models
This is a model of the traditional and modern style homes

Special Thanks to:
Friends and Family
"Architecture is amazing" said Lone Wolf (Ethan Everett).
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