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Aileen Wournos

Life of Aileen Wournos, America's first female serial killer

Kellie Fasano

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Aileen Wournos

Childhood Born on February 29th, 1956 in Rochester Michigan
Father was arrested many times, then forced to join Army
to stay out of prison. Was convicted of raping a seven year old girl
and hanged himself in prison.
Mother abandoned her and her brother in 1960 leaving them with her
Grandfather was an abusive alcoholic towards them Brother Keith Wournos
They were very close with each other
When Aileen was ten they began to experiment
sexually with each other, neighborhood boy witnessed it Prostitution Begins At age 11 she began to trade sexual acts for loose change
to neighborhood boys
She would use money to buy drugs, beer
1970 at age 14 Aileen got raped and pregnant
She claimed an older man as the father as well as her brother
Grandparents sent her to a home for unwed mothers to have the baby, he was immediately given up for adoption
Grandma passed away and grandfather kicked them both out
At age 15 she became a full on prostitute, hitch hiking her way across the country. Adulthood Drifted around the country for five years until
settled in Colorado
She was arrested for disorderly conduct and was
wanted by the cops for grand larceny
Wasn't "typical prostitute" wouldn't wear skirts and boots,
instead she would wear shorts and a T shirt
She settled in Florida eventually becasue it's warm
Granfather committed suicide during 1976
She then married a 76 year old man named Lewis Fell who
she met through prostitution
Lasted 9 weeks, Lewis filed for divorce on account that Aileen Beat
him with his own cane
She found out that her brother Keith had died of throat cancer in July 1976
Depended on alcohol to keep her sane and went back to prostitution
1978 Aileen attempted suicide by shooting herself in the abdomen
Not first time she attempted suicide
May 1981 robbed a Mini Mart at gun point in Florida
Got arrested and pleaded guilt to robbery with a weapon and was sentenced to three years in jail
Read the bible alot and complained about being in jail with lesbians and couldnt wait to get out
Went right back to her old lifestyle as soon as released in 1983
Didnt think that any man would ever want o be with her so she turned to women at age 28 and was finally accepted
Tyria Moore and her began a serious relationship
Didnt have a permanent home would move around
Aileen was happy she finally found the love and companionship she had been looking for her whole life

The Killings Felt pressure to make more money so that she could keep Tyria by her side
November 30 1989 was picked up by Richard Mallory.
Talked with him until morning then she took out her 22 caliber hand gun and shot him four times.
Robbed him for everything he had and coverd him with carpet and took his car
Tyria and Aileen moved later that day and cleaned the car of her fingerprints and then dumped the car
Mallory's corpse was found two weeks later
Six months later she killed three people; David Spears, Charles Carskaddon, Peter Siems in the same way
Killed three more men in the next five months; Troy Burress, Walter Jeno Antonio, Dick Humphreys
Tyria was too scared to leave or to tell
Difficult for police to put it all together
July 4th 1990 they got into an accident while driving a stolen car from one of the men she killed
Tyria fled from Florida and wen to live with her sister and left Aileen to fend for herself
Late December police had found items that Aileen soldto a pawn shop that they used to identify her
January 9th 1991 Aileen Wournos was arrested
The Confessions Tyria Moore Tracked her down and brought her in for questioning
Very cooperative, told them anything the police wanted to know
Police decided to not charge her for any sort of crime inreturn for her help in catching Aileen
Tyria gave her the number of the motel she was at so Aileen would call
First call came on January 14th, Tyria told Aileen tha police was harassing her family and that they were after her
Aileen felt as though she had to protect Tyria
January 16th 1991 Aileen confessed in order to protect Tyria
Claimed the killings were self defense
Charged with six counts of first degree murder
Named "Damsel of Death"
America's first female serial killer
Caught attention of Born Again Christian Arlene Prowley who felt compelled to reach out to her
November 7th 1991 they legally adopted her as their child so that she could visit Aileen
Aileen refused to cooperate with lawyer unless Arlene was contacted

The Trial January 15th 1992, Aileen went on trial at age 35 for murder of Richard Mallory
Claimed self denfense
Tyria Moore testified against Aileen
Aileen was the only witness to testify on her behave claimed Mallory raped her
Mood swings gave jury evidence enough to show her true anger that she had
January 27th and a deliberation of less than two hours she was found guilty of first degree pre meditated murder
Aileen told jury that she hopes they get raped
Borderline Personality Disorder
January 31st 1992 Aileen Wuornos was sntenced to death

Post Trial Pled guilty to two more murders and no contest to three other counts
Asked defense attorney to just get it over with and wanted her execution to be done
Claimed she had found God and that she was going to Heaven
July 2001 she asked the state to stop her mandated appeals and just wanted her execution
Told the judge that the murders were not self defense and that she killed them for the money
Tried to blame police for some murders, said cops knew who she was and that they set her up to become a serial killer
April 1st 2002 Florida Supreme Court ended her appeals and scheduled her execution for October
October 9th 2002 death by lethal injection at age 46
Last words were "I'll be back like Independence Day, with Jesus, June 6th. Like the movie, big mother ship and all, I'll be back"
She said the "she was a person who truly hated the human population and that she would kill again"
Defense Attorney said that she was "the most disturbed individual that he had ever represented"
Aileen Wournos Traits Video Cognitive Persective
Psychodynamic Perspective
General Strain Theory
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