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Hanneli Goslar

No description

Karissa Walker

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Hanneli Goslar

Hanneli Goslar
1944 to 1945
1944- Hanneli and her family are transported to the Bergen- Belson camp.
1945 - The End of the War
1945- The German army were in retreat. Nazi officials ordered the evacuation of Bergen- Belson.
Hanneli in the present
Hanneli and her father
Hanneli and Gabi visiting Anne and Margot's memorial

1943- Hanneli and her family were arrested. They were sent to a camp in northeastern Holland.
Westbork- 1940's
After The War
In December, Mr. Frank arranges Hanneli and her sister to live in Switzerland with her uncle.
1928- Hanneli was born on November 12.
1933- Hanneli and her parents left Nazi, Germany.
1940- Hanneli's sister was born.
1942- Anne Frank and her family went into hiding.
1928 to 1942
The Nazis announced all but one
the first two Palestine lists were
Hannelli's father was able to get
the Palestine papers and South
American passports.
Hanneli Goslar
By: Karissa Walker
1944- Hundreds of new inmates arrive at Bergen- Belson, and Albllagar is divided down the middle by a barbed wire fence.
1945- Hanneli learned that Anne Frank was in the other camp.
1945- Hanneli and her family were told they were put on the next exchange list for Palestine.
Hanneli and Anne Frank
1945- Hanneli and her sister are trapped in the train for ten days.
Hanneli woke up on the tenth day to see Germans with white flags in their hands. The war was over. Out of six members, Hanneli and her sister are the only two that make it out alive.
Hanneli then emigrated to Palestine and becomes a nurse in 1947. She gets married, and has three children, and eventually ten grandchildren.
All of this information came from the Scholastic website.
Hanneli Pick-Goslar's Holocaust Story
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