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on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Flush

Noah Underwood is a young boy who is unique, very smart and that gets into a lot of trouble. He is very determined and he will accomplish anything if he wants to. Noah has a younger sister named Abby. She is a lot like her brother but thinks more realistically. She is kind and sweet and looks up to her brother for advice.
In this book they work together as a team to accomplish their dad's goal.
One setting that Noah visited with his mom and sister Abby was the local jail. This jail was like any other you might think of, it had cold grey walls and everybody had to wear the ugly orange jumpsuit. Paine, who is Noah's father was staying in jail until he had learned his lesson and when the judge was ready to trust him for not getting into any more trouble.
My opinion
I thought this book was very good and that it had a lot of detail. The author Carl Hiaasen used many descriptive words and I could really understand what was happening all of the time. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys adventure because of the characters chosen and the fabulous details. This book would be a 4 out of 5 rating for me and I think everyone should read this book.
Another setting is at the Coral Queen. This is the boat Noah's dad had sunk and that belonged to Dusty Muleman. It was a casino boat that ran at night from 8:00pm until 12:00am. This was a very big boat with multiple levels and many crew members working on it.
By, Diana T.
The problem in this story is that Mr. Dusty Muleman is dumping the waste from his boat into the river where the kids from all around swim and play. Dusty doesn't care about the health of others and just wants to get rid of the waste the cheapest way. Paine is doing what he thinks is the best way to get the problem resolved but he is just making things worse.
The author
The author of this book is Carl Hiaasen. He has also written a book called Hoot, scat and chomp.
Carl Hiaasen is the author for this great book. He has other books such as Hoot, chomp and scat. I have read Hoot and I thought it was amazing as well. All of Carl's books have amazing detail and story lines.
Flush was printed in the U.S.A in 2005.
Another character in this book is Paine Underwood. He is Noah's dad who is very stubborn and hard to convince his ideas are wrong. He loves his kids but sometimes makes the wrong decisions for his life. He is a man that does what he wants and that doesn't think through situations. In the story he ends up sinking Dusty's casino boat and going to his local jail. Paine is giving interviews to news reporters and trying to get Dusty busted for what he is doing to the towns river. Paine has to get his own kids to complete his goal of getting Dusty out of buissnes.
Dusty Muleman is a man who takes control over anyone he wants and that has a son named Jasper Jr. Jasper Jr. is a bully to Noah and has a best friend Bull who is very annoying as well. Dusty owns a gambling boat that runs at night from 8:00pm - 12:00am. Dusty is a man who is hard to stop and control.
There lived a happy family in the Florida Keys. Noah and his dad Paine are trying to stop Dusty Muleman from dumping his sewage waste from his gambling casino boat everyday into the rivers where all of the kids like to swim. Dusty is doing what ever it takes to not get caught in the act. Paine thinks it's a great idea to sink Dusty's boat and go to jail. Noah is mad at his father for sinking a boat and going in jail but at the same time is proud at his dad for sticking up to what he believes in. Noah now thinks it's up to himself and his younger sister Abby to save the river and to get their dad out of jail. Noah and Abby meet up with a friend named Shelly and discuss a plan to get Dusty Muleman busted. Noah, Abby, Paine their dad and Donna their mom go on an adventure to stop the polluting of their river and to get Paine out of jail and back into their house.
Noah is thinking hard to try and come up with a plan to stop Dusty. After a few days of thinking Noah came up with a great plan. Abby and Noah went to the supermarket and bought $57. 16 worth of food colouring and was going to flush it down the toilets to turn the river the colour Fuschia when the crew emptied the big sewage tank. The next day Noah and Shelly split up the food colouring in half and took turns dumping it into the toilets. Now kids weren't allowed on the boat but Noah had managed to get on. The escape was the hard part, when Noah was in the ladies bathroom a woman came in and demanded to get into that stall. Noah obviously said" this one is busy" but the lady didn't care. Noah had to get out of there and ended up running for his life through everybody and off the ship. Abby was supposed to meet him with their dad's boat along the river but the boat had broken down so Abby wasn't there. Noah got chased by many people and crew members and finally reached Abby. They were fine and later on their parents saved them from the water.
Noah ends up watching the fuchia coloured river. The coast Guard sees that Dusty was sending out the sewage into the water and that Paine was telling the truth! What will happen to Dusty and Paine?
Well you will have to read the book to find out.
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