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Doree Fradette

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Anishinabe

how the anishnabe make decisions
In the Anishinabe the
men would wake up very early to go hunting and after the men left the women would wake there children and teach them.
Someday the some of the men would fix of build there house called wigwam.

the way the annishnabe made decisons was thy all sat in a circle and used consensus to solve all of their issues. that group was called the grand council. whoever sat in the circle depended on whose house it was.
Role Of Men
The Anishinabe believed that the women and men should both have equality and balance.

The men were hunters, and protectors for the Anishinabe people.

The men went to meetings and taught the younger boys how to hunt.

roles of women and children
Map locations of were the live
In the Anishanabe tribe the roles of women were such as…
1.Taking care of children
2.Helping with spiritual strength 3.Cooking
5.Harvested fruits ,berries, nuts, roots, and wild rice
6.Making clothing

The Anishanabe tribe believed in equality and women were valued as much as men. If women didn’t do any of the things above, then their tribe would be unsuccessful and could starve. Only women and children took part in the harvesting of wild rice. While they did this, men hunted. This tribe harvested communally which meant they all harvested at the same part of the year. Women cooked things such as wild rice, nuts, elk, roots, fish, deer, ducks and more….
The roles of children were….
1.If it is a girlthey were to learn in the footsteps of their mother and do what they do.
2.If it was a boy they were to follow in the footsteps of their father and to help them hunt.

-Ryann W
a life in the Anshinabe

This is the map of the Anishinabe
This is the map of the Anishinabe
They lived in eastern canada
The Anishinabe people we divided into a number
Education/ passing on of tradition
How the Anishinabe traded for goods.
Before the European traders arrived, the First Nations traded with each other. Men did the trading, as they traveled to special meeting places, or other camps with their canoes loaded. Some nations had materials that other nations didn't have, like artwork, crafts, or foods. In order to obtain these goods, people from different nations and camps would trade. For neighbouring nations that were unable to grow crops, the Haudenosaunee would trade corn, tobacco, and other crops. The Anishinabe gave such things as copper to the Haudenosaunee in return. To make canoes on the eastern coast from the Mi'kmaq, the Haudenosaunee also obtained seashells and birchbark.
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