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Layla H

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Atalanta

Hero Backround
The Golden Apple
Hippomenes refused to pay his dues to Aphrodite, so she cursed him to lay with Atalanta in the precinct of Zeus, Rhea, or Artemis. The pair were turned into lions. They remained lions for the rest of thier lives.

Artemis, the female god of hunting, favored Atalanta because she was a rapid runner and a skilled huntress. Artemis was proud that there was a Greek female that was skilled with speed and hunting like herself.

Atalanta's Powers
Golden Apple
Atalanta's main symbols are the golden apples. The golden apples represent Atalanta because, Hippomenes, a suitor being tested for skill by Atalanta, threw them backwards for her to run back and pick up when they were racing so that he could marry her. If he lost the race she wouldn’t marry him and she would kill him.

Which god favored Atalanta?
umm, help. Im lost
One of Atalanta’s “powers” is that she can run like the wind,
swiftly and quickly, and beat almost anyone in a race.

Hero's Death
In the days when men thought women should remain home, Atalanta proved that a woman could not only run and hunt well, but she could do better than any man. she was the only woman on the Ar
Atalanta bets that she will win a race. Atalanta bets that she will win a race. The race is against a suitor that would like to marry Atalanta. She does not want to marry a man that is not as skilled or quick as she is. She wants to be less strong than her husband. She agrees to a race against her suitor and if he wins the race, then she will agree to marry him. He asks Aphrodite for help and receives golden apples to throw backwards to slow down Atalanta so that she will run back for the stunning golden apples. Therefore, he would get ahead of her while she rushes back to snatch up the apples.

The Argo
Atalanta sailed with the Argonauts, she was the only female among them. She jumped aboard the ship, soon after the expedition was announced. She was following Meleager. He had left his wife for Atalanta’s sake. Atalanta returned his love, but she was very scared that they would get married. After that they didn't talk much
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