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jimmy de la paz

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of dinosaurs

Dinosaurs By Jimmy & Kameron This is the spinosaurus It is the most famous dinosaur that ever lived This is the Tyrannosaurus Rex This is the Stegosaurus It had the longest horns at a length of eight feet long The sail on it's back kept it warm in the biggest heatwave It was the biggest carnivore and predator of it's time It's teeth were 6 inches long and in 3 seperate rows It's brain was the size of a walnut see It was the most protective mother dinosaur It was the most famous herbivore It was the most protective mother carnivore The spikes on it's tail could kill or injure a full grown Tyrannosaurus Rex The frill on the back of it's head kept it's weak spot safe It probably held it's babies in it's mouth like the modern day crocodile or alligator Paleontologists found a skull that was 9 feet long and 5 feet tall This is the Velociraptor It's recorded height was 6 feet tall It was a very smart and fast predator They hunted in groups and charged from the shadows and only 4 would kill a whole herd of Hadrosaurs Scientists believe that it had feathers but there not sure There claws were 6 inches long This is the Brachiosaurus It's neck was about 55 feet tall It ate 20 pounds of food a day The last known skeleton of Brachiosaurus was near Kenya, Africa it weighed up to 30,000 tons the exact weight of 30 elephants It's long neck was tall enough to get the leaves of the tallest branch of the tallest tree For protection it would jab it's long horns into the stomach of it's attacker This is the Triceratops This is the Pteradon There wings were 6 feet long They were omnivores who would eat anything when it was hungry If they were still alive it would be as big as a truck Thanks for watching! Kameron and Jimmy From
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