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Hardstyle Music

Hardstyle Music is the blood relative of techno

christian sampson

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Hardstyle Music

Hardstyle was created in Norway, and soon after became popular in other parts of the world Hardstyle Hardstyle Music is a blood relative of Techno Hardstyle was known as the "Demon Dance" because of the way it was always performed, and placed. Hardstyle was created is 1980 and still to this day is used in it's unique sound. Hardstyle has it's own dance style known as the Melbourne Shuffle, first originated in Norway and still used to this day. No one really understands where "Melbourne Shuffle got it's name but, it has become a part of society. More and more people have created music like this, such as: Nightcore, Basshunter, Noisecontrollers, Blademasterz, and many more. Hardstyle originated from the dance style known as Stomp, and was formed in Melbourne, Australia. Hardstyle is preferred to the dance style known as Shuffle (Dance style used at raves. Hardstyle dates back to the 1980’s and was believed to be known as a demon dance to summon forth evil spirit’s that lay beneath the earth’s crust. Raves were band all over the world because or their drug usage and their “demonic culture”. Raves were still being participated in no matter how much trouble they would get in for running them or even attending one. Many raves are legal to be at but no one is to bring drugs or be on drugs when entering the rave. Christian A. Sampson Place’s all over the world have had police and swat teams storm the raves themselves because of the Prime Minister’s or even the President’s word. Many have been arrested for what they believe in, especially those who stand up for their music. In Australia and all over the world no one knows exactly why it’s called the Melbourne Shuffle, all they know is that the dance style is much different from it’s original four father “Stomping which was done in the 1940 – 1991 and was never seen done again, unless done by professional’s or in hip hop dancing. “The Age” refers the dance to a chicken dance mixed with a foot stomping robot to the untrained eye but local’s called it simply stomping, and this dance came to the world’s attention first after an interview on Sonic Animation with Rupert Keiller. Talcum Power or thin plastic tape is usually used to make the floor easier to shuffle on when listening to Hardstyle. Hardstyle is made using a synthesizer, Guitar, Drum kit, and Bass Guitar. Some Hardstyle can consist of Synthesizer and other various computer generated noises, but it is better played on the four instruments I’ve already listed. The Hardstyle music is best suited for the shufflers for the beat’s placed in their music keeping the shuffler on beat and on pace with the style. The shuffle consists of The “T-Step” move which is more of a heel – toe movement, but then the Running Man was adopted into the dance style keeping the feet on beat, soon after the movements came alive with smooth gliding on the feet and hand movements. Without the hand and arm movement’s the dance looks plain so they added the movement of the arms to add flow. There are two types of Hardstyle: Smooth and Heavy. Smooth consists of mostly the “T-Step” and smooth arm movement, while Heavy consists of lots of Running Man, Kicks, spins and “T-Step”. Hardstyle is what created this dance style to keep people listening intrigued, not only did it become it’s own genre of music it made it’s own dance style to it other than liquefying (another dance style consisting of making yourself look like you’re a large goo that can move it’s body round like water) Hardstyle consists of 4/4 beat music (known as “Four-On-The-Floor beat”) which is usually a boom/ hollow bass sound. People in the U.S. and Europe refer to “Shuffling” as “Hardstyle” and are sadly mistaken, for Shuffle is the dance style and Hardstyle is either the Music Genre or the dance done in all raves around the world.
Shuffling originated from Stomp as I have said before but, Stomp was originated from Celtic dance/Malaysian Folk dance. Shuffle is now also used in Hip Hop dancing to this day. Hardstyle has made a grand opening to the world and has made so many different dance styles with it, like Techtonik is a form of Hardstyle. Hardstyle was then changing the name of raves themselves and became just another Dance Party. Hardstyle has a number of awesome sounds, there is: Evil Hardstyle, Hardstyle, Speedstyle, and more. Hardstyle is more of a hollow bass or a boom sound for it’s marking of the 4/4 beat. The Melody of this music is very electronic and heightening, and the Texture is unique. The texture is very strong and uplifting, the Harmony is different from most other music itself, because it can have a beautiful vocals or choir. Hardstyle also has other instruments such as: Trumpets, steel drum, and more. Hardstyle is music with meaning, even though no one knows what it means. Hardstyle makes you feel uplifted and moved to dance, with every beat that is dropped you feel ever closer to being one with the music and being it’s puppet upon the dance floor. The music is enthralling and energizing, making you feel one with the music and the floor around you and you become its servant and you start to dance without noticing. The music takes you away and you don’t have a care in the world for anything else, and you start to notice that you feel free and alive once you start. For Hardstyle the artists that created this music they had used a synthesizer first, then started to add more sounds and stuff. They added hollow bass to make a beat and a stable beat at that. The bass is what makes you know that it’s Hardstyle and it’s what keeps you on beat to the song, the songs speed ranges from 140 – 160 BPM. Hardstyle can take any song that has a steady beat and use it, such as: Your Gonna Go Far Kid, Riot, Animal I’ve Become, and many more. Hardstyle artists practice their sound systems all the time to see if the bass has blown out a speaker system because of how loud the bass is. Most of the instruments used that do not need tuning are the synthesizer and the Microphones, every other instrument I have named before does. • Showtek: also known as: Dutch Masters, Headliner, Lowrider, and Unibass.
Origin: Netherlands
Genre: Hardstyle
Time of music: 2001 – Present
Song: Colours of Harder Style
• Headhunterz: also known as the Nasty D-Tuners
Origin: Netherlands
Genre: Hardstyle and Dubstyle
Time of music: 2005 – Present
Song: Victim of My Rage
• DJ Zany: his actual name is Raoul Van Grinsven
Origin: Veldhoven, Netherlands
Genre: Hardstyle and Hardcore Techno
Time of music: 1993 – present
Song: Widowmaker
•Nightcore: also known as:
Origin: Alta, Norway
Genre: Hardstyle
Time of music: early 2000’s
Song: The Darkness
• The Prophet: also known as: Avantguarde, The Better World, Carlos Masseratti, Collage, Commotion, Controller 1, Cookiemunsta, DJ Dov, Doobey, Dopeman, George Washington, Hoodoo Man, MarQuiz De Sade, Masochist, The, Nina Feranzano, Oral Maniac, Pineapple Jack, The Prophet's Project, Rokk Wild, The Rose, Shimatsu Miru, Silent Jesus, The Washington Affair
Origin: Netherlands
Genre: Hard dance and Hardstyle
Time of music: 1988 – present
Song: Hardstyle Baby One non-Guitar using Hardstyle Musician is Nightcore. Her band is of synthesizers and piano, here and there, there is some other instrument’s. Nightcore is a band run by a female whose name is unknown; she has clear vocals and great sense of tone. Her vocals are clean and crisp, making you feel more energized to the music itself. The song I will play by this band is Darkness and Magic.
Another very talented band that uses guitars is JDX also known as Joshua Dutrieux, he uses the same materials as Nightcore and many other bands, but he adds an element of drums guitar and sound to it making his music livelier. The song I will play Live In The Moment Tecktonk is another dance that was created after the Melbourne shuffle this is the two vs. eachother. Who do you think won? Tecktonik or Shuffle, your choice ^__^ The End.
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