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Sing Down the Moon

No description

Kenzie Mages

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Sing Down the Moon

This book was okay. I felt like it moved too fast, like on one page, Bright Morning was at he Spanish Town, then a half page later, she has already escaped and Tall Boy hurt his arm. It was kind of confusing. Otherwise, it was an okay book.
Bright Morning struggles with the fact that she is starving, and that she misses her home that she lived in before the Long Knives came and kicked her tribe out.
Sing Down the Moon
By: Scott O'Dell

Theme & Symbol
Whenever you have friends and family, you can do anything.
block 1

Bright Morning takes
her sheep out. A storm
starts, and she abandons her flock out of fear.
Long Knifes ( soldiers) come to Bright Morning's tribe and
threaten them.
Rising Action:
Bright Morning and
Running Bird are captured
by a Spaniard while they are
taking their sheep out to graze.
They are taken to a "White Man Town". In the town, Running Bird and Bright Morning are separated.
Bright Morning is taken to a house where she is forced to do housework (cook, clean, etc.)
Bright Morning meets Nehana, a Nez Perce Indian who is also captive. Together they plot to find Running Bird and Escape.
Nehana, Bright Morning, and Running Bird all escape and head back towards their tribe. Along the way, the find Tall Boy, a warrior from Bright Morning's Tribe.

Tall Boy gets shot by a Spaniard looking for the escapees. He looses the ability to use that arm.
The Long Knives force the tribe out of their homelands and into caves. Eventually, The Long Knives herd them into a group and start moving them toward their camp.
Falling Action:
Tall Boy tries to throw a lance at the Long Knife leader, but misses and angers them.
Several die on the trail to the Long Knife camp. Mostly of starvation.
Bright Morning's parents set up a marriage between her and Tall Boy. (Since his family has a horse and is able to bribe Long Knives)
Bright Morning starts save her shares of food so she can run away with Tall Boy.
After months of saving food, Tall Boy and Bright Morning run away together.

Bright Morning has a baby.
Tall Boy and Bright Morning run away to Hidden Canyon, and live there.
Bright Morning and Running Bird are captured by Spanish slavers.
Bright Morning's tribe (Navaho) is being forced out of their home by Long Knives, and are forced to walk a long hard trail to the Long Knife Camp.
Setting 1: Canyon De Chelly.
This is the Navaho tribe's home.
There are mesas where their sheep graze.

Setting 2: Spaniard town.
This is the town where Running
Bird and Bright Morning's captors
take them. There are multiple huts where the people live, a market, and a church.

Bright Morning
14 year old girl
Navaho Indian
flat character
main character
Tall Boy
Flat Character
Stubborn & kind of mean
Loses the ability to use his right arm
I think the symbol for this story is a horse. It represents the survival of the Navhos on the deadly trail to the Long Knives camp.
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