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first presentation

taking the steps to being civil

Kristen Brosseau

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of first presentation

Welcome! The purpose of this training is to outline how civility
can make this a better workplace. CIVILITY DISCOURTESY Workplace Dilemmas:
Digital Communication What is civility? Be Inclusive
Try speaking with someone you dont know
Summarize the content of a conversation for a newcomer
Welcome a new colleague by giving tips such as good places to eat Speak Kindly
Don’t embarrass or mortify
Civil conversation is no place for profanity
Don’t speak ill Respect Others' Opinions
"Yes I agree with what you are saying, but there are circumstances when..."
"Yes, but if you look at it from a different point of view..." Apologize Earnestly
An apology is not self-authorization to be inconsiderate
Your apology may not be immediately received
An apology is not an excuse, it is a chance to put all things aside and say “I was wrong. I am sorry.” And continue on.
Accept and Give Constructive Criticism
Be agreeable :)
"Praise Sandwich".Cushion criticism with positive feedback before and after the negative feedback.
Agreeable conversations; considering that you may be wrong,and having the ability to admit that you don't know something.
Make sure your intention is to help with a problem and not to humiliate, manipulate or extract revenge, so remain calm kind and empathetic when conveying criticism
Rudeness Should Not be Reciprocated
Snide remarks may be the result of other factors.
Acknowledge that there may be other times to address a person, and that for now, it is not the time to do so. Don’t Interrupt
Wait your turn to speak.
If a colleague constantly interrupts, bring them aside and let them know how you appreciate their ideas, but that others may be receptive to these ideas if they were able to wait until others get their own ideas “out there” first. Offer Help
Saying "I don’t know, it’s not my department, there is nothing I can do," isn’t as helpful as saying:
"I'll try to find out for you"
"Let me call the supervisor"
"Perhaps we can try something else?" Maintain a Peaceful Workplace
Gossip is hurtful
Let coworkers know that you require concentration when working if they address you with workplace gossip.
If possible remove yourself physically from an area where offensive conversations are occurring. Silence
Rediscover silence...silence is not necessarily a void waiting to be filled
If another is loud, ask yourself if it is preventing you from doing your work
Kindly, with a smile, let noisy coworkers know you are having trouble concentrating.
Responding to Email
angry messages come back to haunt you
once you send an email you are forever changing the relationship you once had with that person
once you hit send, you cannot undo this action.
Not responding, for now, is the best response Someone Improperly Handles Your Email
Inform others that you require permission before extending your writing to others
Inform the person that you want to communicate with them, and only them You Seem Invisible to Your Supervisor
Start by addressing the instance where you felt ignored
Inform the supervisor that you would like to contribute more, would like their advice, and want to know how this would be made possible.
For supervisors, it is not polite to use your phone, computer, or allow yourself to be distracted while an employee is attempting to address you You May Not be Equally Liked by Everyone
If a colleague singles you out, address them calmly; you both may have differences and it is both of your responsibilities to maintain a peaceful workplace
Remember that if you must apologize, that not all apologies will be immediately received. Your Supervisor Reprimands You In Public
Admit that there may be merit behind the criticism
Ask if he/she felt that the upbraiding in front of other staff held any significance that you were unaware of
Be frank; in order to protect the peace and productivity of the workplace, the criticism should take place privately When someone is impolite or rude, should you “give it right back”? no Don’t lose sight of your own standards of behavior Scenario: An employee, Sam, has just finished cleaning the floors and has posted signs to let others know. Suddenly, three fellow employees walk through the area, disregarding the signs. Sam is infuriated and yells out to them in a somewhat agitated manner. The three coworkers yell back and continue walking.
How do we handle discourtesy? Read the following scenario. Based on what you have learned so far, consider appropriate responses. Read the following scenario. Based on what you have learned so far, consider appropriate responses. Question:
How could Sam have handled the situation differently?
How should the three coworkers have responded to Sam? Empathy! Sympathy Sensitivity towards others Scenario: Two employees apply for a promotion.
The one, non-selected employee,began spreading gossip that the other, selected employee, was not qualified for the promotion. Question: Say you've heard this gossip. How would you respond to the non-selected employee, keeping in mind how this will effect the workplace. Politeness Good manners! Nice gestures/remarks Read the following scenario. Based on what you have learned so far, consider appropriate responses. Scenario: Sitting in on a training, an employee moves close to their supervisor to wisper a question. The supervisor, sharply and audibly, "SHHHUUUSH!!"'s the employee. Question:
What may have been a more appropriate way for the supervisor to respond to the employee?
How should the employee respond to the supervisors "SHHHUUSHH!!" ?
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