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12 archetypes revised

No description

Allegory Studios

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of 12 archetypes revised

Simple pleasures, basic values, wholesomeness
Find happiness through simple goodness
Life does not have to be hard
Trust in an ultimate kind of simplicity
Get out of the fast lane, relax and truly enjoy your life
Life can be simple, uncomplicated and good
Many levels from the childlike to mystic
Rescue us from an imperfect world; provide sanctuary
Believes in possibilities and happy endings
Hassle/Stress Free -- Life is as it should be
Getting back to basic values
Honesty and authenticity
Find or renew faith
Experience freedom
Seeks out a better world
Journeys into the world to discover
Desire to align outer realities with inner needs
Expresses Individuality/Uniqueness
Identifies with the “outsider”
Independent/Self-directed/Able to respond quickly
Coming of Age stories
Like individualist pursuits/freedom
Appeals to Youthfulness
Ahead of their time
Dedicated to discovering/spreading the truth
Clear thinking, but may lack social grace
Faith in humankind to learn and grow
Help consumer make smarter decisions
Emphasis on R & D
Pride in intelligence and information
Helps people be or act smarter
Continuous learning
Acts courageously
Breaks the rules and takes risks
Break tradition and convention
Do things radically differently
Help people with cutting edge ideas
Channel frustrations and dissatisfactions constructively
Encourage innovation
Achieve creative breakthroughs
Energetic willingness to take risks
Freedom to do and think outside the box
Weeds the garden to allow for new growth
Affects transformations
Make visions realities
Transform situations and influence people
Mind over matter
Link inner consciousness and outer results
Believe in impossible dreams
Catalysts for change
Value experiences
Shamans, scientists, gurus, psychologists, entrepreneurs,
athletes, business leaders, politicians
Democracy - One-person, one-vote
Comfortable group where everyone belongs
The common touch/Celebration of ordinary
Put off by elitism
Like to blend/be part of the pack
Enjoy group affiliations
Root for the underdog
Absence of pretense/Want thing to be real
Ok just as they are
Honest and hard working
Common in cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, food and travel
Freedom to do and think outside the box
Promise of beauty and sexual appeal
Parental, spiritual, friendship, but most of all romantic
Promotes gender identity
Connected by something deeper
Attract, give and express affection
Pleasure seeker
Aesthetic appreciation
Hold tension
Reveals real beauty
Attention to the feeling dimension
Takes care of others and self
Compassionate and generous
Meaning comes from helping others
Maternal or paternal protectiveness
Speak to the wish for a more perfect, caring world
Sacrificing self or taking care of self
Empathy and communication
Consistency and trust
Customer service
Connected to the Innocent
Illustrate ideals that make life worth living
Controls and leads
Systems of policies and procedures
Systems of checks and balances
People like to know someone is in charge
Politically savvy
Commanding, authoritative manner
Avoid chaos by taking control
Gain and maintain power
Enjoy leadership roles
Concerned with image, status and prestige
Helps people become wealthy, powerful and established
Roles and relationships stable and defined
Appeal to desire to be successful and important
Creates order out of chaos
The artist, writer, innovator, entrepreneur
Passion is self expression
Inherently non-conformist
Unfettered mind and heart
Authenticity is important
Trust the creative process/believe in imagination
Can be self critical/perfectionists
Real innovation and beauty
Out-of-the-box thinking
Live in the moment
Playful and spontaneous
Break the rules
Bring out the kid in us
Unexpected and unpredictable
It’s not really work if you enjoy it
Lighten up and make us laugh
Innovative, out-of-the-box thinking
Enjoy the moment
Accepted and adored by others
Understand the world
Be OK just as you are
Find and give love
Heighten awareness of those around them
Do not think of themselves as heroes
Exacting standards and boundaries
Triumphs over challenge
Defends underdog and protects the Innocent
Competent, Courageous, and Responsive
Inspires determination
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