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SalesForce WorkFlow

No description

Whitney Sales

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of SalesForce WorkFlow

Unqualified New Lead Open Qualified Referral Spoken With,
No Demo
Scheduled Convert Demo Scheduled Decision Maker Budget Timeline Need Assessment No Contact Contact LVM LVM LVM Still
Interested Email SA FUp Haven't Heard Email Schedule Qualifying Call Mark Dead Confirm
Qualification Not a Fit
Mark Dead & Unqualified Subscription
Information Reschedule
Demo Homework + Schedule Next Step Lead Information Type:
Prospect: Viable Opportunity
Affiliate: QB Advisor
Corporate Partner: Complimentary Service Partner
Dead: 5 Contacts w/o response
VAR: Dynamics Reseller Status:
Qualified: Viable Opportunity, but missing a 1 of Qual Info
Open: Have not spoken with the prospect
Unqualified: Not a fit, chose another solution Demo Subscription Info License Info: Time , Expense/Tallie Licenses
Close Date: Accurate Month
Stage: Make sure this is up to date

Lead Source:
Royalty Options: Only used for Bullhorn
Affiliate: Self explanatory
SAGO: Tallie Lead
Partner: SA Corporate Partner such as RightNetworks, Cloud9, SurePayroll, Swizznet, SmartVault, XpandedReports
VAR: Self explanatory Follow Up Steps Close Closing Info Confirm License Info: Time , Expense/Tallie Licenses
Billing Info: Name, Billing Address, Credit Card, Expiration, CSV
Implementation Contact: Name, Email, Phone #
If referred by Affiliate, will affiliate participate in setup
Setup Info: Using Tasks, Using Classes, ATS?, Hosting Provider?, How do they want to import their time? Company + Subscription Created in SF Lead in SF Contact No Contact Qualification
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