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90210 presentation

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jasmine moye

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of 90210 presentation

Group Octopus 90210 Media Ownership The CW Advertising iClicker Question Target Audience for advertising M&M Commerical The television show 90210 is owned by the CW network - The CW Network was formed between CBS corporation and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

- America's fifth broadcast network
- Genre: Drama; Romance The CW reaches out towards young adults ranging between the ages of 18-34
Only network to target this audience -
The other television shows on the CW are similar to 90210
The CW advertises its own shows What is your favorite television show genre?

A. Drama

B. Comedy

C. Romance

D. Other Advertisers specifically choose commercials that will appeal to a shows target audience.
Commercials vary by networks "personality" Because 90210's target audience are females between the ages of 18 and 32. This audience will cause advertisers to choose commercials that are hip and have products for younger people. Advertisers chose to show this commercial because it features actress Naya Rivera who is featured in the hit show "GLEE" which has similar target audience.
- Naya promoting the brand will create positive connection with brand.
- A young attractive girls in commercial will attract younger views to continue to watch it. (Creates no gender barrier)
- Musical number will attract all audiences. Target audience 90210 is about two teenagers from Kansas who move to Beverly Hills, California, also known as the “90210”. During the first season the two characters, Annie and Dickson, try to adjust to the lifestyles of the young rich and somewhat famous kids of West Beverly Hills High. Plot 90210 has gone over a number of topics since their first episode in 2008. The topics range from bullying, pregnancy scares, pregnancy, adoption, dating, divorce, coming out as gay, getting into or getting rejected from college, cancer, death, fame, and many other things. Topic An advertising technique used by companies to subtly promote their products through a non-traditional advertising technique, usually through appearances in film, television, or other media. Product Placement Feedback on Product Placement iClicker Question How do you feel about product placement?

A. Absolute B*$%#!

B. Better than watching commercials

C. I could really care less Benefits of advertisement Economic Growth
Help costumer with decision making
Improves standards of living Ultimately, the goal of the advertisements are to help the costumers buy the product. The more customer specific the advertisements are, the more useful it will be for the consumer. Can you relate to any of the topics portrayed in 90210?
A. Yes
B. No iClicker Question This show mostly effected young American teens in high school dealing things like pregnancy, drug abuse, and relationship struggles with boyfriends/girlfriends, friends and family. There are a bunch of broad topics that almost every viewer can relate to.

The viewers may see this show as a chance to act like the characters or want to live the lives that they do because all the people on the show are granted a lot of opportunities. Societal Impact Media Product This media product effects us in our society by showing the way people live in a certain setting like the 90210, which is Beverly hills California. These people live in a more glamorous setting then other people and it shows how people act in this rich society and the show makes people feel apart of it r to want to be apart of it. 90210 as a media product serves as entertainment to people who like drama filled show and real life problems and showing how people with certain personality’s , families , and the place they live effect the way they deal with everything going on in their lives. Media Product iClicker Question Do you think most people who grew up in the setting of Beverly Hills would have a better understanding of this show then other viewers?
A. Yes

B. No THANK YOU! 90210 has it's own twitter account
Facebook group
Music sold on itunes
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