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Thomas Kling Carson Caso

No description

lib hist

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Thomas Kling Carson Caso

Thomas Kling Carson Caso
Served in U.S Navy
Fought in World War II
He was a prisoner of war and was being held captive by Japanese guards
Showed sacrifice by risking his life to save another prisoner. He did this by being friendly to a Japanese guard that was beating another prisoner, causing the guard to stop beating the prisoner and drop charges.
Richard Nott Antrim
Fought in Vietnam War
Showed Sacrifice by jumping 75 ft. off a helicopter to save wounded soldiers. After dragging these soldiers to the helicopter, the helicopter crashed with all of them in it. Even after this he found safety while still bringing the wounded soldiers with him. He then went back a second time to get more wounded soldiers, despite all wounds that he got
Roy P. Benavidez
In 1943 he enlisted in the Navy and the Marine Corps.
Served in World War II.
Again in the 1952-1953 baseball season he served as a Marine combat aviator in the Korean War.
Later in life he received the medal of honor.
Ted Williams
Hungarian Jewish man.
Fought for the USA in the Korean War.
Holocaust survivor.
His General in the war senthim on deadly missions in hopes of getting him killed because he was jewish.
He was nominated multiple times for the medal and after approximately 6 nominations he finally got the medal.
Tibor Rubin
All 4 of these men risked their lives just to save the people around them and their country. They were all very bold and courageous for their acts.
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