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Deans Class: Koster

No description

Julia Kent

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Deans Class: Koster

Loop Student Living Initiative (LSLI) Dean's Class: Public Art What is Public Art? It is something for everyone. The community shares it and it helps identify the place. It personalizes a space and helps define and bind a population through means of architecture and art. It is specifically defined for the space and interacts with the community in a positive way binding together art, architecture, function, and the community. What We Want to Achieve We hope to create a space where the community can feel comfortable and will want to be invested in. We felt the path that the sculpture will lie on is special because it has the potential to "bridge" the Loop and the park together, along with bringing together two relatively separate demographic regions in a welcoming manner. Interaction Bridging Welcoming
Space Crossing
Cultures Public Process A series of photos of our thoughts, ideas, and general process. Lighting and
Safety Artistic Statement Our Final Idea We aim to use the Loop Initiative Project to “tie” two communities together and create a space that invites people into the mews. It will integrate the community by pulling from two different areas. We will utilize the architecture and the shape of our structure to create movement in order to lead individuals on both sides of the complex through the main pathway of the appartments. It will help define the path as We will use a metal (weather worn steel) “ribbon” to span from the loop to the park. Group communication. Understanding the
installation's environment Brainstorming through drawing. This is a rough sketch of a pattern of grass we could lay down throughout the walkway which would help the park flow into the new complex. Presenting and sharing our ideas. A little fun... Drawing the "Ribbon" Final idea coming to life:
The ribbon spans and
appears to travel both above
and below the ground. It will
be placed so that it wont obstruct
any doorways. It will twist and raise to different elevations. Parts will be low enough so that people could even sit on it if they so desired. We will also use a grass pattern as afformentioned that spans underneath the sculpture along the path further tying in the park to the pathway. 3-D representation Extending into the park. More About
Our Space Professor: Don Koster
Amanda Bass
Hannah Blumer
Caitlin David
Ali Dulman
Eddie Falkowski
Julia Kent
Will Klassen
Christine Lung
Yuwei QiuLaura Roettges
Daniel Shih
Megan Simmons
Jordan Thompson
Bonner Williams
Madison Wilson
Erin Wong
Yutong Xue
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