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Magazine Cover Analysis

No description

Ruqaiyah K

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Magazine Cover Analysis

Music Magazine
Cover Analysis Cover Line The cover line for the Billboard magazine is 'Sheryl Crow Retro Sound, Modern Marketing Plan'. The cover line is in a smaller font than the main cover line as it is not the most important. However because it is in a smaller font it attracts readers to the smaller things. It also on the top corner and some other magazines have a selling line there which is designed to pull in readers attention with an enticement such as a free poster or photo pull out in order to encourage readers to buy it. The kicker is in a bold, black text displaying the singer of the main image's name. This is done to draw attention and illustrate what the main cover line is about. The explanatory is under the kicker in a white colour font to contrast the black. Also to fit it with the cover's colour scheme. it also the only white on the left hand side of the magazine so it stands out the most. Main Cover Line Masthead The masthead of this magazine is 'Billboard'. The masthead is in black and is bold. The unique and memorable part of the masthead is that the holes of the letters are coloured in different colours; red, blue and yellow. In most Billboard magazines the masthead is covered by the main image. This has become their continuous layout for the front cover. Main Image The main image is of the main cover line which is Katy Perry. Her body is facing the right side of the magazine but her head tilt is towards the main cover line but is facing the front (the readers). Her costume colours is matched to the colour scheme of the whole magazine; black, pink and white. More Cover Lines These are a few more cover lines. The cover lines are to attract the reader to buy the magazine to read the articles and news inside. The cover lines are either summarizing the story or just a cliffhanger type ending. Masthead The masthead of this magazine is 'Clash'. The term clash means when two items bang into one another. This has been portraying in the masthead. The 'a' and 's' have been clashed. The masthead is in bold and white. It is in the top left hand corner so it stands out. It is also on top of the main image. Selling Line The selling line of the Clash magazine
is 'FREE CD! THIS MONTH'S BEST MUSIC!' This is designed to pull in readers attention with an enticement such as a free poster or in this magazine a free CD. This encourages readers in buying the magazine. It is on the top left hand corner in a small font. This attracts readers more as it is small so it will catch their eyes. Strap Line The strap line on the Clash magazine stays the same on every issue of their magazine. It is there to promote their magazine. It also increases the popularity of the magazine. It is in white and full capital letters. It is on a black background so it stands out. Also it is right on the top so readers can't miss it. Cover Lines These cover lines attract readers in buying the magazine to read the full stories. The cover stories are mostly about individualists. Their names are in a bigger font and in capital letters so they attract the reader. The explanatory is under each name but in a smaller font and in a different colour. Main Cover Line The main cover line is always connected to the main image which is Duffy in this magazine. The font colour is white and it stands out over the darker background. Also it has stars around it which portrays that Duffy is a star and successful. Main Image The main image in this magazine is of the famous singer Duffy. It is only a head shot so they are only concentrating on the actual singer not their fashion sense. She is also holding a mic which portrays that she is singer. Masthead The masthead for this magazine is NME which stands for 'New Musical Express'. Normally is most NME magazines the masthead font colour is red but due to the main image, the hair is red so the original red masthead wouldn't show so for this issue of magazine the masthead is white Main Image The main image is of Florence. It is a head shot of her. This main image is really effective because her face is pale and the bright red hair around her really brightens up the whole cover. Also the text around the head shot is white so it is even more attention-grabbing. Pull Quote The point of the pull quote is used to highlight a key topic. It is giving the reader a teaser of what the story that the main cover line included. Also the controversy of the quote 'pulls' in the readers interest and makes them want to buy the issue to see what exactly is meant by the quote made. The quote is in white on the red background so it stands out. Main Cover Line The main cover line for this magazine is 'Florence'. It is black, big and bold. It is in capital letters so the reader can't miss it. It is the only black on the whole of the cover so it stands out the most. The main cover line always goes with the main image. So Florence is the name of the girl being shown. Cover Line The purpose of the cover line is to engross the reader in reading it the first time. Once they have read it once they would want to know the full story behind it and in order to know the full story they would have to buy the magazine so the cover line gets there attention. Barcode The barcode on every magazine is unique. Every magazine has a different barcode. Barcodes help track sales of products and relationships with customers. On the barcode it also has the price and issue number and date of the magazine.
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